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Taywoona Rose of Falee




6/8/1984 ~ 24/12/2011






Falee is now 27yo and heading towards 28!



She is fit and well and hangs with her grand daughter, Bubby.  

I am so thrilled with Taminga Filu's legacy, how generation after generation has been proven as elite performance horses and hold their own in the led arena as well.

Time after time this line proves itself, either in endurance with HW and Juniors on board, as all round pony clubbers, or chasing the odd cow or 2.


They are again proving themselves to me, with age i had thought i couldnt again ride a green horse, but they are proving that wrong in how reliable and safe they are.  For that i am so greatful and proud of the stock such as SP Faanya and SP Felena.

Thankyou so much Filu and Falee




Falee at 24yo!!

This mare just keeps getting bett


er with age!!


After coming back from a ride we decided to wash all the riding horses and take some photos.  Here are some of Falee, after coming back from a 2 hour ride with me on her (not a lightweight, lol) no makeup, clipping, just a darn good wash!


I am just so proud of this mare and her progeny.  Even though she is not considered 'typey' in the head in this day and age, her Arabian Beauty shines through every pore of her being, her indominatable spirit and lovely conformation making her a sound and safe riding horse in her golden years.



Her love of the 'little 'uns' shines though her eyes as she willingly goes into show standup when Amber (10) raises her hand and lead rope, remembering instantly those few show years in her teens while living away from Sheridan Park.




Isnt this what living with our Arabians is all about?






Welcome Back Falee!


Kaitelyn and Falee enjoying life August 2006

Falee has returned home at 23 years of age!!!




http://ahsadata.com/studbook/pedigree.cfm?ahsid=21554 AHSA

http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/taywoona+rose+of+falee ALLBREEDS


Falee not feeling her age at all, with only the slightest bit of gloss for makeup!  She came up pretty good only after a bath and the makeup for an ol' girl!

After 8 long years away the nemisis of Sheridan Park has travelled back to where she belongs.

SP Kariim (Karda Mordo Mir) 3wo First foal ~ Elite Endurance Champion with 2 quilty buckes and 1 best condition award in junior division

Falee was my first Arabian and my first horse I had ever owned.  I remember seeing her, in her yard as a 2yo, and being captivated by her spirit and her wild beauty.  A year later she was mine, after I worked at Taywoona Arabians for part of her purchase price.

SP Tallarique (KM Mir)

She was not an easy horse to be around, hated being caught, always wary of what was going on, very aloof and quite reactive to most situations.  I loved her and I loved a challenge!  I sent her to a local breaker for education to which in the third week i got a call, come pick up your mare, she is injured as she went through a fence when the breaker fell off when she tripped.  Luckily the injury wasnt too bad and healed quite well.  After a few weeks and a how to break in video, I started working with my beautiful arabian filly.  I still remember my first ride out of the round yard, very nervous but exhilarated at the same time!

SP Egyptian Falame (Kyang Shamus) 3mo pc Julie Wilson

I learnt so many things from this mare!  She wouldnt float, she was reactive, she still hated being caught but would let 9yo kids catch her, she loved cattlework and jumping, occasionally going through fences, hated being on her own, would run through you rather than go around you, was a brilliant broodmare and a good mate.

Nov 2006  PC Monique Govan


We had some fantastic rides.  She would go all day if I wanted, we were often galloping down the beach, (dodging and jumping seaweed!!) chasing cattle and bulls, riding in the paddocks for hours, jumping logs with the occasional riding lesson thrown in.  When Falee was five i decided it was time to breed her.

Falee produced 6 foals for the stud.  She always produced better than herself, with the Royal Domino influence in every foal.  She had 2 geldings to Kardo Morda Mir, the first being Sheridan Park Kariim, a dual Junior Quilty medalist and Best Conditioned Lightweight/Junior winner!  Her second was Tallarique, who sadly has disapeared after being sold to a trader without my knowlege.  Third and fourth foals were by Amberglade Ali Shakla'an, finally a filly, Sheridan Park Fatima, a bay filly with 4 white stockings and SP Zahim, a gelding sold to Karin Trenowdin with endurance in mind.  I then bought a Straight Egyptian Stallion, Kyang Shamus, to which she produced a delightful filly, Falame.  A definate keeper!  In between breedings she did a bit of endurance with my husband, completing 2 80kms.

Then I discovered Natural Horsemanship!

Suddenly her problems were problems no more!  Over time i found she wasnt being utilised, and I needed a pony for the children, so she was swapped for a black pony mare.  Falee then was in the care of a young girl who trained her to many ribbons in the arabian ridden rings.  I lost track of Falee then until this year when a friend heard on the grapevine that she was looking for a new home.  I made contact and was very excited to be getting Falee home again, hoping to reunite her mother and her daughter, which was not meant to be as Filu passed away 2 weeks before i could pick her up.  The missing link has returned, 8 years later. 


Falee taken at Sheridan Park Feb 2007 at 23 yo