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Congratulations Karen Savage on choosing Stani to be your next equine partner!

Aged 1 years 9 months

Stani is filling out and growing beautifully!  His movement is a superb ground covering trot.  He is in a clover filled 100 acre paddock where he has developed into an outstanding ridden gelding prospect.  He is getting close to the age where he can be started under saddle. 

His temperament is so superb and sensible, he has been chosen as baby sitter for weanlings at 18 months old! 

Foals 2005 season



August 2007


For Sale $3,000 + gst

Stanislav I am wanting to place him in a well loved home that has family, riding ability and lots of love to share.



http://ahsadata.com/studbook/pedigree.cfm?ahsid=252254 AHSA

http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/baby+of+sinaya ALLBREEDS


This little fella was born at 12.30am on the 21st of January.  He is the firstborn foal of Sinaya, a 3/4 Russian bred mare owned and bred by Mark Baker of Hamdani Arabians.  He is intensely Skowronek bred with 28 crosses in his pedigree.  Aswan and Naseem feature highly too.  Stanislav has the very rare in Australia straight russian NARIADNI blood.  Only a handful of horses in Australia carry this phenominal stallions blood.  Stanislav will be suited for performance and show. 


1 day old


With Amber 8 yo    


Stani turned grey early and is a lovely example of his beautiful pedigree.  Sinaya is doing very well for a first time mum, fascinated straight away by her little bundle and proving to be very patient with him.

Stani has superb movement and although very quiet to handle he loves to turn it on and strut around!


TR Prince Nicholi (Imp USA) dec Straight Russian

Grandsire to Stani

Twinmills Talent, sire to Stanislav

Stani Feb 2007 as a yearling

Stani is now a year old!  IN the past couple of months he has discovered SHOWING OFF!  He is just gorgeous!  He is really blossoming into a very stiking boy and uses every opportunity to show everyone how amazing he is looking and feeling!

He has the most fluid groundcovering trot and the tail is always up!  He is an inquisitive and playful colt, much to my husbands chagrin, as when he was putting up an electric wire in his paddock he turned around and here Stani was pulling off the fittings as fast as hubby was putting them on!!

He loves to be around people and is well mannered and respectful.  Never a problem with catching, even after a show off session!

In winter woolies, Aug 2007

Stani has now been gelded due to lack of facilities for 2 stallions.  He is now out running in the bigger paddocks and growing fiercely and loving life.  He is a beautiful boy, very dished head, strong body and absolutely the easiest going horse around.  There is a saying 'Born Broke'!

Stani's Dam Sinaya, has hit the endurance scene with a BANG!

She is proving an incredible endurance mare, with amazing heartrates and recoveries.  She has finished her first season with 100% completions and recoveries nearly all A's in the tough endurance country of Cairns.

The following exert taken from Hamdani Arabians website:


"The Pioneer Trek"  26th June to 1st July 2007

With below zero temperatures a fun but freezing week was had by all. With both local and interstate riders attending.

The Hamdani Team once again doing well with Sinaya proving just how tough these Russian arabians are!

Sinaya successfully completed 229kms during the week including 2 x 80km rides and gaining 1st Middleweight on the last day and achieving the highest scores from the vet during the "best conditioned evaluation" ! Only 1 point off a perfect Vet score!!

We are so proud of her especially as she has only been under sadddle for approx 12 weeks! " A super effort"

To read more about Sinaya please go to Hamdani Arabians