Type, Temperament, Trainability

SP Sa'eed

2010 to 2015

Photo Credits K Sheridan Photos, J and P Preece, Kirstyn Page and family


March 2009

Sa'eed is just outstanding in every way!


He has that incredible free shoulder which lends itself to amazing movement!

He is incredibly typey with huge black eyes, dished short head and small muzzle.  His temperament is willing and friendly and has never been hard to handle.

He is an absolute bargain and will excell in any field.


Winter (July 2008) photos

8 months old in a 100 acre clover paddock!


This colt is exceptional!


This boy is destined to be a star for his future owners!  Dec 07

His attitude is incredible, so happy to show when everyone else plods, happy to be scratched and cuddled, happy to learn his halter lessons, happy to have his feet done by the farrier, happy to play with his brothers and sister!

Photos taken February 2008

His head is outstanding, incredibly typey with big black eyes, and very chiselled features.  His skin is so soft and coat so fine.  To date he has not had one bad or plain stage, he just keeps getting better which is amazing to think as he is excepional now!



Sheridan Park Sa'eed

Photos taken 28th Dec 07




Day 1


The little colt was wandering around the yard and went under this Mulberry Tree.  When he went to wander back he found himself unable to go any further!  So what did he do???  Panic, cos he couldnt go any further????? Get upset cos he thought he was stuck????



NO!  lol, he just went to sleep!!





photo taken at one week old


This fella is a full brother to Sheridan Park Saamir.  He is absolutely beautiful with a natural people loving temperament!  They HAVE to be with you!


Visitor Steve Ellis meeting foal, was trying to take photos!



The photo says it all!






This colt has it all! 

Beautiful dishy short head with big eyes, compact smooth body, substance, lovely legs, great feet, temperament, huge free movement, pizazz and charisma and look at that incredible neck!!

What more could you want?