Type, Temperament, Trainability

SP Faanya

Photoshoot end of June 2015, full winter coat! Measured at just over 14.3hh



Faanya was sent to Endurance Trainer Jessica Aistrope, winner of 3 Quilty buckles and a Junior Best Conditon Award!

Jess and Faanya in their first 80km at Truro Easter Bunny ride

pc shirley and steve ellis


Their partnership has strengthened and its wonderful to see how much Faanya loves being with Jess, and they eat up the km's like nothing!

Faanya and Jess have now completed one 85km ride, with Vet Gate Into Hold over 3 legs, and 5 Vet ins over the weekend!  Faanya was presented to vet within 10 minutes each time with great recoveries in the low 40's!  She got keener for work every time they set out!


The aim is to get Faanya qualified and then back to the farm for a well deserved rest, some how i think faanya is going to be rather sad!!




First show under saddle

The beautiful miss Faanya all grown up and fulfilling her destiny!


Faanya is ridden by the junior rider, AliciaThornton and will be doing many disciplines this new year.

Their first show was a huge success!  Firstly in behaviour!  She was non plussed with all the action and horses going in every direction, even the minis and harness horses!  

Secondly, she picked up every canter lead asked!


Thirdly she went to sleep inbetween classes, and ate and drank when offered!

The result, a neck full of ribbons and some very happy humans!


Show Results 09/10 season

Breedorama 13th Dec 09

1st Filly u 4yo

Champion Pure Female

3rd Classic Head  (all sexes and ages)

3rd Classic Trot (all sexes and ages)


Main Event Feb 7th

1st Filly Classic Trot

Most Classic Trot

2nd Classic Head

4th Best SA Bred

Shown by Amber (12yo)


November 2009


Faanya at 3yo




Faanya at 20 months!


Photos were taken on a whim so surprisingly she is hairy, unbrushed, knots in mane and a wee bit dirty!  Luckily beauty shines through these minor details anyway and Im delighted to share with you what i call her 'before' photos.  Hopefully as the weather keeps improving and her coat comes out I will get to do an 'after' shoot showing her to her best.



SP Faanya at 10 months old


All photos taken 1st October 2007


Faanya is developing into an outstanding filly.  Always ready to show off and flag the tail, strutting around showing us how beautiful she is!

She promises to be a top show filly, plenty of pizazz and charisma, very sensitive and responsive to training.  Her stand up is nearly there after only a few lessons.  Like her grand dam, great grand dam and great great grand dam before her she decided that humans had to prove their trustworthyness and honour before she bestowed her love and trust.  That phase has now passed and she has gone back to the cuddly loving filly she was when she was born.  She is one that if you do not pass her test then you will not get to catch her easily!!  Thankfully all Great Great Granddam Falee's lessons have taught me well in how to handle sensitive horses such as Faanya is. 

The amazing thing is they are the BEST riding horses you could ever compete or ride on.  This whole line has proven to be outstanding endurance horses, garnering many top honours in this field in both Heavyweight, Middleweight and Junior divisions.    Grand Dam Falame has proven to be extremely versatile and is very competitive in all disciplines entered competing in various Open events against top horses and riders.








Sheridan Park Faanya

Abraxas Amir x Sheridan Park Faridah (Bubby)

This is one pretty special time for us.


http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sheridan+park+faanya   ALLBREEDS PED


Our faith in fate has rewarded us the tears and tribulations at Bubbys own birth.  Bubby delivered us one pretty special little filly this morning at 4.30am, 28th of November 2006.  She is also the 5th generation of her bloodline, starting with Taminga Filu + M (Dec).  I invite you to read Bubbys story on her own website www.freewebs.com/spfaridah and to look over the different generations as they have differed from each generation.

It is interesting to note that each generation has always foaled a filly first!


New video of Faanya by Kelli Greene



9mb size so will take approx 20 mins on dialup



Faanya will be retained by the stud to continue this important damline.  I hope to show her as a yearling.  I think she will do her mother proud and have the show career she never was able to have.

Faanya is proving to be an absolute delight!  She is so soft and feminine, very angelic looking until.................

She keeps her brother in line by doing this and has them all fooled, even the warmblood colt who is twice the size of her!!


Photos taken in winter woolies August 2007

We are looking forward to how they will look without their woolies very soon.  A bit like a catapillar and a butterfly I am imagining!