Type, Temperament, Trainability

Sheridan Park Antaar

Andy is our first born for the season, and everything i wished for! He is out of our new mare simeon sakranit, a beautiful Imperial Madaar mare purchased from Slipstream Arabians vic already in foal to first season sire Simeon Shovan, a beautiful Asfour son out of Egypt's champion mare Ibtehag Albadeia.


He had an instant fascination for people and loved all the attention!  he was pretty precocious from the start, knowing he was something special!  A kick from his mum a couple weeks later soon sorted that behavior out!


He had a few problems from the start.  His umbilical cord didnt close over so he was weeing from his cord as well as his penis, at nearly a week old it reopened so the decision was made to operate as i didnt want to risk him getting a horrible infection.  He came through that beautifully and is recovering really well!  Sassy is happy as long as she has food!


Andy loves to show off and spends a lot of his time in the air!!       





                                                   8 weeks old


Young Andy testing his mothers patience!




                                               January 2012