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New homes found, and new people welcomed into the Sheridan Park Family


Sanlirra Snugglepot Arabian Riding Pony

Sold to Kylie and Belle Fotheringham SA

Vale Park Spotlight x Malibu Park Ramblin'Rose




2010 SHERIDAN PARK VOLDEMORT ( Abraxas Amir exp SAU SE )

2013 SHERIDAN PARK CUDDLEPOT Chestnut Filly by Marconi Dreamtime, Reg Sect A Riding Pony, Part Welsh, APSB. 

2015 SHERIDAN PARK GOLD N BELLE Buckskin Filly by Marconi Gold Maker.  Sold to Rach Lindsay SA

Kuhaylan Nakala SE Mare

Smoothy has been a prolific broodmare for us producing outstanding quality progeny with Abraxas Amir and her last a palomino filly by Marconi Dreamtime!

Katrina Braxton has admired her for so long and has 2 of her progeny so I thought it be only fitting that she have her twilight years and last foals with her.  She is hopefully in foal to Marconi Gold Maker for 2016.

Simeon Samal
(Simeon Sadik exp uk x Fayrooz) x Kuhaylan Egyptian Nakeeda (Jaytee Eclypse x AP Egyptian Scintilla)

Dam of

2008 Filly ~ Sheridan Park Taahira Dawn 15hh as a 3yo

2009 Gelding ~ Sheridan Park Shamir 15.2hh at 4yo Endurance Gelding in ME

2010 Gelding~ Sheridan Park Eros 15.1hh(sold to Katrina Braxton Vic

2012 Filly Sheridan Park Bint Nakala, splitting image of mum but grey with bay splotches! Very elegant!

2013 Filly Sheridan Park Namira, born black bay by Abraxas Amir exp SAU sold to Katrina Braxton Vic

2015 Palomino Filly by Marconi Dreamtime mat 14.2hh + approx sold to Maddie Floyd SA

AAZAD AMIR SE Gelding 14.3hh

Abraxas Amir x Ashouri

Aazad was the result of a massive risk, the purchase of his sire to breed specifically to his dam.

He was an incredible foal, born coal black.  The friendliest foal you have ever met.  He used to hear the gate rattle and was instantly up and galloping to me!

He was junior sire for a few years but i decided his life would be happier as a gelding running free with the other youngsters in the big paddocks.

As a foal he was the cover star of Vinks Arabian Calendar now he is enjoying life with his human Ella on the endurance trails!

"Aazad has allowed me to regain the joy of riding that i felt as a child......no fear or expectations, just the thrill of exploring together.  I also know when we disagree, we can have a civilised argument!"

Click on the photo to read about Aazads journey!


Karda Mordo Mir x Taywoona Rose of Falee

Kariim was the first foal i bred!  The start of it all!  Thankfully he found Jessica Aistrope and together as a junior rider they conquered the Endurance world at the highest level.  Big offers were turned down from overseas as he meant so much to her.

To read a little about his story click on his photo.

Abraxas Amir x Sheridan Park Faridah

Kaison means son of a fighter.  By all reasoning his dam should have died with retained placenta, for 4 days which the vets could not detach.  But she was fit and strong as is this beautiful boy!
I offered Jessica Aistrope Kaison as her next endurance horse as i felt it would be a good match, as well as being from the same damline as her exceptional Sheridan Park Kariim.

"I love the orange on him, he has to stand out from the crowd! Not bad for the Ned of his first ride over 20km and to finish with a hr of 38 in a few min.   we did have many comments regarding what an impressive little horse he is so pretty happy with that. Many questions about his breeding etc"
To see more pics of Kaison click his photo.


Abraxas Amir x Saarbrena

Saamir was our first born Amir baby!  He was such a funny foal, always waiting for us to watch him before he put on a show! 

He is now owned and loved by KellyPhillips in SA.  They are enjoying the endurance trails!

Click on photo to be taken to Saamirs page.


Abraxas Amir x Saarbrena

Sa'eed is the 2nd cross of Amir with Saarbrena, he was sweet, beautiful and boy he can trot!

Sa'eed was sold to Kirstyn Page and is a very valued and loved member of their family.

"Jaxon (SP Sa'eed) is my heart horse, I feel very lucky to have been able to purchase him. He as taught me so much over the past few years and continues to amaze me with the progress that he is making. I love my Amir boy!!!"

Click on Sa'eeds pic to see how cute he was as a baby!


Abraxas Amir x Sabtah A Serenade

Symmie is so like her dam in nature, sweet, kind, and very quiet!

It was a hard decision to part with such a special girl but Symmie needed someone to love and pamper her!

Just before she was sold she was dragged from the paddock to a show and won her Senior mare class!

Symmie has now been sold to Janelle Noble of Hobart Tasmania and is absolutely adored by all!

Click on the photo to be taken to Symmies page and read her story!


Quarab mare by Abraxas Amir out of Freckles Elly.

Twilight was meant to be my next super riding mare but with Felena proving herself she was no longer needed.  Vanessa Thompkins fell in love with her and is her first horse, even though Twilight was only just broken in she was very safe and sensible.

Vanessa writes ........  Twilight has been such a fantastic first horse for me. It's been a bit of a steep learning curve - I feel like everyone's first horse is - but I have loved every minute. Twilight has taught me all the ins and outs of horse ownership and has been very patient with me - amazing considering she was only four when I got her! She has such a sweet, calm nature with just a little bit of cheekiness thrown in, and has brought me a long way in my riding and horsemanship. She's also the envy of all my horsey friends, with her stunning good looks! Developing a bond with such a wonderful horse has been an amazing, rewarding experience. Thank you Karen!

Click on Twilights pic to read her story!


Abraxas Amir x Kuhaylan Nakala

Katrina Braxton saw Eros as a 6wo baby and fell in love with him!

He is 3rd foal of the Amir/Kuhaylan Nakala cross and was always a standout with his refined beauty and cheeky personality!

"Eros is a sweet sensitive boy and is my ideal Arabian. I fell in love with him from the moment I saw him as a 3 week old foal. He has the most amazing soulful eyes and his movement is exceptional. He will be my next saddle horse and I'm super excited as he has all the qualities to be outstanding."


Abraxas Amir x Nafeessa SEI

Ameera was just a little princess as soon as she was born, one that made you all soft and gooey cos she was just so darn beautiful!

Angela Shanks saw Ameera on a visit to Sheridan Park and that was it, totally in love!

Angela is another Horse Archery competitor and also has a gorgeous Clydesdale gelding who is Ameeras best friend!

" People would say that I chose Ameera, but I maintain that Ameera chose me. When I went to visit Karen’s stud, I hadn’t gone with the intention of buying a SE Arabian quite yet – my life’s dream. Then came Ameera. She was in a round yard with two other fillies, and when the three of us entered, the other two converged on my friends, however Ameera picked me out and gave me all of her attention. That was it, I was spellbound and in love. Ameera means princess in Arabic, and she is certainly that, an Arabian Princess. This girl means the world to me and though our bond is young, we have learnt so much from each other already, and I expect this will never end. She can be a typically feisty and headstrong Arab, testing both of our wills. Though this just strengthens our love for each other, as she is also the kindest, lovable young lady there is. My biggest test has been, and remains to be, taking Karen’s advice when I picked her up to bring her home – “Don’t baby her”. This is always at the forefront of my mind, but dang it can be hard! Thank you so much for entrusting this very special girl to me Karen xoxo."

Click on Ameeras pic to be taken to her page!


Aazad Amir x Sheridan Park Faridah

Alfie as he is known, took the heart of new owner Myra after seeing a foal photo on the website.

One visit with him following her around sealed the deal and Alfie moved home with Myra.  

"I first became aware of Sheridan Park  A'azz (Alfie) when I saw pics of him on line. I fell in love with his looks, he reminded me of my bay purebred mare Sahdri, who had been a very special horse to me. I bought him as a yearling, and felt lucky that Karen had entrusted his future to me. Alfie has been shown lightly, but very successfully, always coming home with ribbons, including Res Champ Junior State Champion at his first ever show. Last year he was top 5 at the state Champs and was a pleasure to show.
I wasn't intending to break him in myself, but thought I'd potter along and get him used to a few things, whilst waiting for the professional breaker to be available. Alfie was so accepting and relaxed, that by the time the breaker got back to me he was too late! Alfie was mouthed, backed, and happy to walk and trot around under saddle in both directions! I think Alfie has a very bright future, I intend to continue showing him, and enjoy trail riding with him. He is the smartest, most people oriented, friendly horse imaginable. I feel a bond with him which is love and trust, and something special which is beyond words. "

To read Alfies story please click on his photo!

SHERIDAN PARK JACKPOT Arabian Riding Pony Gelding

Sheridan Park Saamir x Sanlirra Snugglepot

Jackpot was the most delightful and was the tiniest baby!  He was the result of a night of passion when a young colt jumped into Sanlirra Snugglepots pen over night!

He was sold and then thankfully Lauren MInkus found him!  She has put a lot of time and hard work in and he is now repaying her back with love, ribbons and by being a very safe and kind riding pony.

" Baloo performed extremely well and carried me to win senior high point club champion in our ring! I have always wanted to win a trophy and was going to stratch him from the novelties component of the competition. Nothing makes me happier then knowing I have earnt the winnings my boy brings home. I have put so much time, love amd dedication into him and its all starting to pay off. ♡♡♡♡♡"

To see Jackpot as the cutest little baby click on his photo!


Simeon Sohar x Nafeessa SEI

Tiggah as he is known was a standout right from birth!

Massive in size but sweet in nature, the thought was to keep him to go over my amir daughters.  Now i am downsizing though it didnt make sense to keep him so he was put up for sale.

Katrina Braxton also loved the look of him as much as i did so he will be her next stallion!

"Tiggah has been chosen as a stud sire as he ticks all the boxes I was looking for. His breeding is what I have admired for a long time, he oozes Arabian type, his temperament is superb and he will compliment my mares. I look forward to showing him before he commences stud duties. "

To see more of Tiggah click on his photo.


Abraxas Amir x Kuhaylan Nakala

Gracie is the 5th full progeny and one of the last Abraxas Amir foals in Australia.  She is a beautiful filly, very clever and very trainable, omg the movement is breathtaking!  Being full sister to SP Eros Katrina was given first option on her which she accepted so she will be going to victoria shortly.

"Gracie has all the qualities that I love about her full brother Eros and she captured me right from a foal. I love her presence and confidence and am excited to show her this season."

To see more of Namira click on her photo. 


Abraxas Amir x Kuhaylan Nakala

Shamir was always destined for the endurance trails being a tall, tough gelding.  He is one of the 5 full siblings of Abraxas Amir and Kuhaylan Nakala.  He made his way to Nicholas Fry and from there he was purchased and exported.  All his reports were shining of his talent and temperament.

We wish him safe travels and hope he endears all his humans to him, so he gets kindness and good treatment at all times.

To see more of Shamir click on his photo


Monsview Gold Cidium ASH x Rokewood Saffron Pure Arabian

Dolly was a Classic Winner as a yearling shown by Jayne Bellchambers.  

Sharyn was recommended Dolly by a friend when i decided to sell and fell in love with her first meeting.  Sharyn is a keen Parelli devotee and has enjoyed teaching Dolly, now Sassy, and has loved taking her on their 3 month treks into the wilderness.

click on Dollys pics to read her story.


Abraxas Amir x Sarida

Sarina was such a gorgeous filly one look at her and Sharyn was hooked.  

I knew the breeding would be pretty special as all Saridas bloodlines nicked to Amirs in previous matings.

to see more of Sarina click on her photo.


Simeon Shovan x Simeon Sakranit

Andy was sold to George and Priya Spencer to be their future endurance champion.

He was full of personality as a baby and has grown into a real handsome man!

To see more of Antaar please click his photo

pc george spencer

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