Type, Temperament, Trainability

Sheridan Park Taahira Dawn

June 2015 in full winter coat!  Measured at 15.1 and a 1/4hh

November 2014

October 2009




February 2009


My little girl is growing up!


Tahira is growing beautifully, tall, elegant, smooth and pizazz galore.


November 2008

How beautifully Tahira is growing!


Still very tall with lots of presence and pizazz!


Yet so loving and easy to be around!



October 2008

Tahira continues to be an outstanding filly in all ways.  She has a certain proud carriage that sets her apart from the first instance.

She loves her scratches and is now seeking people out.

She continues to grow more beautiful by the day!



Day 6

This filly totally captivates me!

How could you not be???

To breed Beautiful Performance Orientated Straight Egyptians!

Sheridan Parks FIRST Straight Egyptian filly has now been born!

Out of the beautiful mare Kuhaylan Nakala aka Smoothie.  A wonderful caring dam who is so protective of her new little bundle!

photos on Day 1