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Sheridan Park Viktoria

November 2009

It was decided to enter Tory in the 2009 SA Arabs State Champs show 3 weeks before the show.

She was quicklyput into the 'Larger ladies' paddock to try and slim down a tad for the show.

Prior to this Tory has not been a fan of the stand up nor anything to do with Halter showing but all of a sudden she has decided as long as there are

carrots involved for reward then she was in and in with gusto!

She had a ball in spite of the extreme heat of 38 degrees, and soon worked out if she bothered Amber enough she would get a steady stream of carrot treats.

She also soon worked out that Kaitelyn was having none of  that and she better do some good standups if she wanted more carrots!!

She won Classic Head in the mare section and Reserve Champion in the Purebred Mare over 4 section.


October 2009

What a beautiful mare our Tory has blossomed into.


We have plans to finally finish her breaking in and campaign her under saddle doing anything and everything!


Then during winter she will have a go at endurance!




Tory foaled a beautiful filly effortlessly for the first filly, and foal, of the season!

She took to motherhood beautifully, with abundant milk, and her daughter blossomed.


We are looking forward to getting Tory started under saddle once motherhood duties have ended for the season!  Here she is enjoying her new farm here in Birdwood SA!




Tory is SCID clear

Tory is in foal to Abraxas Amir (Imp USA) for a September 2008 foal!

photos taken July 2008


Tory has blossomed with her pregnancy!

Shes a very substantial mare with breathtaking beauty and movement.



Tory at 3yo February 2007

pc Sharon Meyers 15 months old



http://ahsadata.com/studbook/pedigree.cfm?ahsid=239625 AHSA

http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sheridan+park+viktoria ALLBREEDS


Tory was a dream come true when she was born.  She was concieved with frozen semen on the fourth attempt with a quck dash overnight to GVEH to be inseminated.  She is by the lovely Straight Russian Nariadni son TR Viktor who now resides in France.  Viktors dam is the lovely Muscat daughter, Muscalean.



TR Viktor                                          Nariadnaia

Tory arrived three weeks early after threatening to be born way too early to be saved.  But with veterinary help we managed to get her to the magical safe zone.  Right from the start she has been a super special filly, captivating all that see her.  Her powerful movement and beautiful conformation leave you mesmerised.  Her cheeky personality keeps you on your toes!  She is one of only two TR Viktor fillies in Australia, only one of her breeding in the world!

 pc Trevor Bellchambers 11 months old

Tory's dam is the beautiful Sabtah A Serenade, to whom she is starting to look like more and more as she gets older.  Sara can be seen on the mares page.

pc Liz Christensen Tory at 8 weeks old

Tory at 15 mo taken by Sharon Meyers


Tory is now going through many changes.  She is a well grown filly with a lot of substance and spirit.  She loves her gallops around the paddocks, often leading the way and initiating the action!  She is still beautiful with large dark brown eyes that you melt into.

PC S Meyers


Tory showing the huge Russian trot inherited from her Straight Russian Sire, TR Viktor



Tory will be bred to Abraxas Amir (Imp USA) this season.  My ultimate for her is a Straight Russian Nabeg lines stallion to which I am still searching.