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Sheridan Park Jackpot

Jackpot (aka Baloo) 2015

Jackpot was sold as a yearling, and then sold on again.  Finally Lauren Minkus found him and through her determination she was able to bring Jackpot back to the sweet lovely young man he was at Sheridan Park.

Even though she only had just started with him, she entered for a show under saddle and came away with all the big awards!

It was 3 steps forward and 2 steps back for awhile but it actually wasnt long and she was able to drag him from the paddock and enter in an event and he was a very quiet and reliable ride as he was destined to be from birth.

you can see how well loved he is!

photo credit Dylan Thiselton

May 2010


Jackpot would be ideal for Pony Dressage, he has it all!


Big easy free movement!


Pizzaz and Charisma, yet a beautiful nature to make him very easy to be with.

He just loves people and loves attention!

Jackpot is still a colt and can be registered Arabian Riding Pony.




Day 3

What a little terror!  lol

But soooo pretty!

I think he will keep us entertained for quite awhile!


Sheridan Park Jackpot

Arabian Riding Pony Colt mature 13.3hh

Arrived at 2am on the 17th of August, just a couple hours overdue from his due date!

Snuggles was a brilliant mum for a maiden and just loves her little charge.

He is the cutest little fella, full of personality like his dad and looks from mum.  He will be grey like dad though.

He is the first grandson of Amir and Saarbrena.  He was concieved after i locked Snuggs up with another gelding with Sam the not quite 2yo colt next door.

Well Snuggs was full on season and Sam decided to jump the gate over night and the next morning i found 2 very calm and happy horses sleeping!

He was gelded the next week!

So Jackpot is a very unique and individual man, will never be able to be repeated!

Tahlia is his owner and she foaled down Snuggs and looked after them during the night post foaling.

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