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sheridan park sanaa

Sheridan Park Sanaa is the first born filly by our home bred sire SP Ibn Sataara!  She is pictured at 3 days old.

I cant believe Stefanos foals are finally here, from the first moment he was born he was special, the colt id been waiting for all my life, and to finally have his progeny on the ground is just so exciting, and fillies to boot!

Sanaa was 17 days over due so made me wait!  She is gorgeous, and so very tall, very dry already with fine skin and her parents beautiful eyes.  Im expecting her to be taller than her dam at maturity.  Not quite sure why im breeding giant horses at this time of my life!

Sanaas dam is the very beautiful Simeon Sakranit!  Sassy has proven a very consistent broodmare and passes on all her wonderful qualities.  Shes all that i love in my straight egyptians, temperament, rideability, substance and very correct!!  

Stefano has passed on all his qualities without overtaking the mare, and i feel he is going to be every bit the sire his dad was, and more!  Extra height, big eyes, extra length of rein and no doubt about that movement thats been passed on from so many generations!!

Sanaa is seen here at 2 weeks old.

Shown below at 4 weeks old