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Sheridan Park Symphony

Symmie has now been broken in and is ridden here by Junior rider Sam Coleshill. 


June 2010 Update

The Main Event 2010

Symphany training was kinda forgotten until a week before the event!!  She knew the basics of the standup and was happy to plod along next to you.

This is the easiest horse i have ever had to do anything with and that is saying something!  Clipping was easy, even the ears were done, no drugs at all, first time wash as well!  Nothing worried her, floating lesson was the morning of the show, no problems.  She did start to snort a little when at the show but soon forgot what it was.

Symphony's second show was the Breedorama where she was floated to with her Dad!  Not that she was very impressed with the fact but he was good and didnt bother her too much.

She was good to handle and was reasonably happy to be by herself although didnt stand wonderfully or trot out too fast!

Shes another that is not too impressed with the halter showing, which is unfortunate as she is so gorgeous.  Im just not willing to discipline my horses to the point where they are afraid to do anything but look at me for halter.  I have learned a good lesson with these quiet laid back types, pick one show that you really want them to go to and leave them alone then until they decide its not too bad a thing to do.  They decide later on after being ridden and doing stuff that halter is bearable after all.  I love training the very sensitive bug eyed types, they are brilliant to train for halter and usually are very willing and sooooo light and responsive to train!

She was then shown by herself at the Youngstock show at the Mallala Indoor Centre, which was wonderful as it started raining!  She was the only Pure Junior there but we were able to train her to stand still and work out reasonably nicely.  She was happy enough to do as asked most of the time!

The last show was the Breeders Crown which she did not appreciate at all, lol.


The Main Event  Feb 2010

1st Classic Head Jun Female

Most Classic Head

Reserve Champion Filly under 3

2nd Best SA Bred pure Junior


2010 Specialty Show March

1st Classic Trot and Head

1st 1yo and under Pure Filly

Champion Junior Purebred


Pinto Allbreed Pinto Show March 2010

1st Yearling Purebred

Champion Purebred Filly u 3yo

Supreme Junior Purebred


The Breeders Crown April 2010

1st Yearling Filly

1st Classic Head

2nd Classic Trot

Reserve Champion Junior Purebred

Not bad for her first season even if she didnt want to be there!

October 2009





Symphony in February 2009


Our little Princess is quickly captivating visitors hearts!


Her love of people and inate curiosity for life and adventure shows through in every fibre of her being.



And here she is at 5 weeks old!







Sheridan Park Symphony

photo day 1

What a journey this filly has had in her first week of existance!

Our absolute delight turned into immense worry when on day 4 the filly was not weight bearing on her off side hind leg at all.

A quick surf on the net of suspected joint ill info and a temperature of 39.4 degrees confirmed that i had to act quickly.  With my local vets Amy's help we decided to drive the 4.5 hours straight to Ballarat Equine Hospital as soon as we could that day. 

Upon arrival the filly was collected for an igg and blood tests, xrayed and scanned.  Her stifle joints were badly infected on both sides, one joint in the near side hind and 3 joints in the off hind stifle area.  The xrays confirmed that she was a definate premmie foal.

Surgery was scheduled for later that evening to have the joints tapped, flushed and infused with antibiotics.  Even straight after the surgery the improvment could be seen.

Every day the improvement in mobility was immense, by friday morning she was bucking and kicking while trying to gallop around the stall!

Further blood tests revealed the one surgery was a success and she was allowed to come home on tuesday, a week after she had been admitted.

She needs a further 3 weeks of antibiotics and limited space but after that should be fine to start living the life of a normal foal, as normal as an irreplacable  super star foal can be of course!

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