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Sanlirra Snugglepot



Snuggles is the pony we tend to grab when the girls friends need a safe horse to ride!

pc shirley and steve ellis

Bec and Snuggles in front!


So her pattern has tended to be ridden out of the blue (no working down at all) then back in the paddock!!!

On the home stretch!!  pc Nancy Brandt


Thankfully Bec Brandt came along and has been riding her 2x a week to get ready for some endurance training rides!  Snuggles has loved being out and about and has looked after Bec well, teaching her well.  They have successfully completed one 20km intro ride so far, keeping up easily with the bigger horses, with great recoveries!


pc Nancy Brandt


December 2011

 Snuggles has spent the past few years as a broodie!

She has given us 2 colts/geldings, one unexpectedly by SP Saamir, now gelded, and recently one by Abraxas Amir*.

Now she is too small for our children so is re entering back to the work force and is for sale to bring joy to someone elses family.

She is enjoying being back under saddle, a lovely non fuss ride.  



                    Sheridan Park Voldemort by A Amir*                                                       Sheridan Park Jackpott by SP Saamir



March 2008



On the Sunday of the Mundulla Show there was a gymkana for the kids which was very well attended.  At the last minute we decided to enter the ponies and all the girls can ride for the day.



Later on I realised that this was the first time Snuggles had been off the farm since she arrived, and her first experience with a big group of horses.  You wouldnt have known it though, so very well behaved and accepting!


Kaitelyn and Snuggles RULED the bending race!  For a pony that never really liked to canter much she outdid herself with a fast canter and flying lead changes on every pole!!  She sure picked up quickly on what was required from her after a few runs!!  It was fantastic to watch, very neatly ran too.


And First Place goes to...................


Relaxed and Ready for their turn.




January 2008

Photos by Kaitelyn (14yo)



December 2007

Just before the photo shoot!



Snuggles is proving to be a wonderful all round pony.  She is very reliable with her young charges and takes her duty seriously.


Yet when asked she turns it on and shows us her wonderful movement and personality, endearing herself to all around her.


Her feminine beauty leaves you smiling as you stand and watch her show.



Straight After the photo shoot with friends Paris, Saskia and Kyh!




Snuggles has joined the Sheridan Park Clan as the new mount of Tahlia.  She is impeccibly bred being by the top producing riding pony sire Vale Park Spotlight out of the welsh mare Malibu Park Ramblin' Rose. 

She is dual registered Arabian Riding Pony and Riding Pony and hopefully we will be able to attend some Arabian Shows in the near future to have some fun!  In the meantime we will continue to ride around the farm and have fun.


Snuggles will eventually be joined with Abraxas Amir to produce amazing Arabian Riding Ponies! 



What a superb little riding pony!  What Riding Ponies are supposed to be about, for kids!