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June 2010 update

Sam and Tahlia at the Main Event

Sam has been to 2 shows this year, The Main Event and Breeders Crown.

He told us pretty well he doesnt like being shown in hand this season, not wanting to stand and disreguarding his manners! 

He was shown by my girls for The Main Event but luckily Casey was able to handle him for the Breeders Crown with great success!  He was much nicer to be around but still was not his usual lovely self, really does not like being shown at this stage of his life. (teenage years!!!)  He is just so good though at home for all the usual prep, including clipping, floating is a dream!

Show Results

Main Event A class Arabian Show 2010

1st Classic Trot Male and Most Classic Trot

2nd Classic Head

Breeders Crown 2010

Most Classic Trot

1st Gelding under 3

Champion Junior Purebred

Once the shows were over though I decided to start him with ground work in prep for his saddle career.  Well all the halter nonsense was forgiven as he took to this like water off a ducks back!  In 2 days i felt he was ready for a rider, very soft, willing and wanting to learn! 

His education will be started very shortly!


March 2009


Sam attended his first Show!


He was so well behaved and attentive to his young handlers garnering a Top 5 purebred gelding, 2 4ths in Classic Head and Classic Trot.


Then at home he showed how gorgeous he really was!


Sam was gelded due to lack of facilities to keep an active colt.  Wasnt before he jumped the gate to spend some quality loving time with Tahlias' Snuggles!!

He was still brilliant to handle, even as a full on hormone charged colt.  Even though the girls were so exciting to talk to he always loved to be centre of attention, quietly standing very close by so he could have pats and scratches.  Never once has he ever been hard to catch.




July 2008



Sam is emerging into a striking young colt as he heads towards 2 years of age (Nov).

He is very hard to fault, movement is to be seen to be believed and he remains so easy to handle. 



 Feb 2008

Saamir is emerging from his 'plainer' stage into an incredible young colt!  His head is emerging into a beautiful classic 'Ansata' look.



His pedigree is superlative, every line leads to an important part of Arabian History.  More importantly Sam lives up to his pedigree and show absolutely huge movement, charisma, yet like his sire and dam an incredible fuss free temperament.



Sam is tall for his age and still promises to be around 15hh or more.  He had his first bath the day of these photos which he handled with ease and relished the attention and scrubbing of the wash brush!



Sams legs and feet are fantastic, always easy to handle with respect and would really suit a good general fun loving family stud wanting a top quality colt at a very affordable price.




Sam at 11 months old, taken 7/10/07

Saamir continues to grow into an outstanding colt.  Extremely smooth bodied, beautiful mover and just as easy to handle as ever.  As you can see he has been on ideal pastures of clover and has run in his own 100 acre paddock building up strength of bone and muscle.  In this photo he is totally in paddock condition, hasnt been clipped, washed or makeup applied.  He will continue to mature as his pedigree dictates, as he matures he will steadily increase in type until he is absolutely breath taking! 

Sam has absolutely everything you need in an outstanding breeding stallion.  His body is superb, very much in proportion, lovely hindquarter and tail carriage too.  Legs are long and straight, hooves are well shaped and dont need correcting.  Bone is flat and in alignment.  Movement galore with lovely hock action, able to get right under the body, even striding under the girth! 

Sam has the potential to be an outstanding ridden prospect.  His temperament is superb and soaks up anything he is taught.  His conformation and movement dictates he should be able to move up the grades of dressage with ease with the right rider.  He should have height for endurance to match his stamina and character.  He has been given the correct upbringing for his body to cope with this rigorous sport.


His pedigree includes greats such as Imperial Madheen, ET Crown Prince, Ansata Ibn Halima, RDM Maar Hala, Bint Nefisa, El Hilal, Rasmoniet RSI, Dresden, Simeon Shirli, Ansata Ibn Sudan, Mohssen, Morafic and The Egyptian Prince.  What more can you ask for in a ped!!!!!

Everyone of those horses is up close in Saamirs pedigree. Most if not all of the above horses have been proven in the halter showring as well as ridden in shows or pleasure showing their tractable natures.

Saamir also has incredible personality, LOVES attention and soaks up all the pats and cuddles he can get.  He has quite the comic artist in him too!


First Amir foal


New Video of Saamir by Kelli Greene Feb 07

9MB in size, approx 20min on 64 speed dial up

Sam was a little shy and overwhelmed by all the attention.


How ecstatic are we! 

The long anticipated first foal of Abraxas Amir and Saarbrena has arrived at 3.30am on Wednesday the 8th of November, a couple of weeks before due date!

He is everything and more we have hoped for in choosing Amir for our special mares.  Our gamble and risk has paid off tenfold in this one foal and its with excited anticipation we look forward to the bright future of Sheridan Park.

This colt already has a very laid back temperament, a view on life that he seems to have seen it all before...........and this is all on day one of his life!



http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sheridan+park+saamir ALLBREEDS PED


Photos taken day 42.  Sam just loves people!  He loves his massages and scratches and is always there, no matter if he knows you or not.  He is a beautiful soul in an amazing package.  He is promising to be quite a big boy as well.

photo as seen in September 07 Horse Deals



PC Liz C Taken Feb 07 3 months old



Saamir is for sale to a home where he will be utilised to his amazing potential.  He is an ideal first Stallion prospect due to his amazing laid back temperament.

His pedigree is amazing and will continue to breed superior Arabians for generation, regardless of dams pedigrees.

Enquire now!