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2015 March Show Results

Sheridan Park Aaliyah

SE yearling filly by Abraxas Amir imp usa exp sau out of Simeon Sakranit.

At her first show she was awarded 2015 SA Arabs inc Main Event Supreme Junior Purebred!! 

Aishah Azimah Imp USA/NZ

8yo SE Mare was awarded Reserve Champion Purebred at the Adelaide Autumn Royal Show!

Aishah is by Makhnificent KA out of Myjuel el Jaahara bred by Sonrisa Arabians of New Mexico.

2014 has ended with excitement!

We are excited to announce the purchase of 3 SE Mares to Sheridan Park!!  Simeon Sie by ASFOUR,  Aishah Azimah usa  by MAKNIFICENT KA and Simeon Shuva by SIMEON SAMECH.

They will be bred to Sheridan Park Ibn Sataara in the 2015 breeding season.  Until then some showing will be in order and hopefully some breaking in as well!

Look on the Straight Egyptians page for more information!

2014 Has been an exciting one!

2014 started off with the birth of our first pony babies by Marconi Dreamtime!

They have not disappointed and we have had an incredible time at our first foal shows, with many champions and supremes!

 2013 Foals have arrived

Go to our foals page to see our beautiful new Straight Egyptian, Purebred and Welsh B foals, this season brings the last of the Abraxas Amir foals for Australia and he has saved his best for last!



We also have a gorgeous bay welsh b colt out of our treasured mare Keyi Dera, he is sensational and our pony breeding future has been assured.



An era has ended....


 Abraxas Amir was imported from California, USA in 2005.  Right from the first moment he cemented his right to be called KING of Sheridan Park.

His first foal validated his potential as a sire and every foal after!

Consistency, Quality, Conformation, they have it all.  So pretty with massive movement, and whats the most important is that the few Ive let go have never been sold on, they are so valued by their new owners.

Through Amir i have made so many new friends, met so many varied horse people, and the world opened up for Sheridan Park 

Amir has given so many dreams, goals and visions to many people, he changed the minds of non arabian, non SE horse lovers alike, to respect for the breed.  His progeny will now stand on their own and prove generation after generation that quality breeds on.

His son, Sheridan Park Ibn Sataara now flies the flag for his sire.  His daughters will be bred to Simeon Sohar (Asfour) and I will try some close matings as well.

We wish his new owners every happiness with Amir, he wont disappoint and I know Amir will love being ridden again, and the center of attention, the joy he will bring to many people in Saudi Arabia.  His foals will delight as they have done us.  

We look forward to his last 2 foals here for the stud out of Ashouri and Simeon Sakranit, his last crop in Australia.  (Amir surprised us and his other 2 mares i didnt think let him serve have now both foaled!)

Amir was sold with his soulmate, Abraxas Habielaa.  She chose him to be her permanent mate and living without him while she weaned her filly was like she had lost her spark.  I will never forget how excited and how she danced on the spot while nickering to him the instant she saw him again!   Habeilaa is in foal and I know this foal is going to be so super special, like our bint habielaa!


Thankyou Amir, Thank God you came into our lives as you have changed us forever, you're a gift that lives forever............. xxxx



December 2012


Sheridan Park Sarina was sold when Sharyn Bacon fell in love with her!  Sharyn also owns Designer Gold a gorgeous Pally partbred mare we bred.

Sharyn and SP Sarina (Abraxas Amir* x Simeon Sarida) 

                                           November 2012

We have had a very busy last 6 months with a lot happening!  We finished our endurance run after the ride we co-organised the extremely successful and fun, Tarlee Endurance Challenge.

Amber and I started going to the Northern Indoor Equestrian Centre over winter as Steffi and I were having western lessons with Monica Watts.  We both improved dramatically and loved every minute of it!

                                                MAY 2012

 Endurance still beckons!

Starkeys 1 results

Tahlia and Sheridan Park Felena (Abraxas Amir* x Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame dec)

20kms            2 hours 26mins

left half hour later and walked the last 5 kms as we thought we had to come in over 2.5 hours!

Pre ride HR 29 All A's

Post Ride HR 30 All A's

Felena was lead horse too for our little group, shes so reliable and unreactive in all situations!!


Beck Brandt and Sanlirra Snugglepot (Vale Park Spotlight) ARP

Snuggles was powering along today and was even overtaking us at the trot!!  She can move for a smaller pony!!

Pre Ride HR 35 All A's

Post Ride HR 37 All A's

Well done Beck!!


Karen (Me!) and C.J. Just So Obvious Appaloosa Mare

Steffi was just incredible today, she LOVES her new job and has found her stride, she just powered!!

Pre Ride HR 29

Post Ride HR 37


Amber and Ralvon Signature (Ralvon Job x Ralvon Sierra)

Siggy and Amber did the 40km in 3hrs and 46 mins!

Pre Ride HR 36

         Post Ride HR 35      

All A's! 

                                                       2012 News

 February to April

Saw Ambers first show under saddle with Ralvon Signature!


They did really well, canter leads correct, workouts correct, Ribbons even!!  

Amber and Signature did a total of 3 ridden and led shows with great success, culminating in many ribbons and a first time attempt at Stock Horse Classes, Costume and Western.  Not bad for a 14yo horse not ridden or trained since she was first broken in at 3yo!!



They are now training for endurance and have successfully completed 2 40's with great recoveries!   Their first 80km will be in May!


TAHLIA AND SHERIDAN PARK FELENA have taken to the trails as well.  Felena has the potential to be a superstar in endurance and while only 4 and a half years old the promises are there in her first training ride starts!!  watch this space!!  Tahlia and Felena have formed a wonderful bond in a short time!

pc Shirley and Steve Ellis 

Sheridan Park Faanya and Jessica Aistrope have successfully completed their first 85km ride, in 3 legs with excellent recoveries!!

Jess reported she got keener and keener each leg!!  It was wonderful to watch how much Faanya loved being with Jess, she was so keen and loved all the fuss and attention doled out to her!!  Thanks Jess for the wonderful care and expert job you are doing, Faanya and I are both blessed to have a person with your experience, talent and expertise helping us. xx 





In January Colin Byron came to visit!  Horsemanship and Cattle Clinics were run as well as horses being broken in.  From our stud Sheridan Park Twilight (Quarab 3yo filly by Abraxas Amir out of Freckles Elly), Sheridan Park Kaison (Pure 3yo gelding by Abraxas Amir x SP Faridah) and Sheridan Park Shamir (Abraxas Amir x Kuhaylan Nakala a Straight Egyptian 2yo Gelding).

All took their new training in their stride, enjoying the new adventures!


                                                  December 2011


6/8/1984 TO 24/12/2011


Im glad you had the most beautiful send off to an amazing life. The sky was filled with pinks, reds and oranges which filtered through the gum trees, as i watched the sunset i could almost see your beautiful dam Filu and your daughter Falame galloping towards you on those brilliant coloured clouds, lifting your spirit towards them. The crickets chirping and the kookaburras calling made a fitting song to herald such an cherished and significant life. Thankyou for letting me hear the beautiful sound of your nicker as you greeted me, feeding you one last carrot and hearing you munch on your favourite feed was a treat i hope everyone can give their treasured companion. Simply thankyou...
Taywoona Rose of Falee
Falee was the start of my Arabian Dream.... 25 years ago i set eyes on her, a flighty filly in a small yard, beautiful, spirited with a mind of her own!
I learned so much and she gave me beautiful and talented foals.  She continues through her children, grand children and great grand children today in our stud.  So many wonderful memories, as well as many frustrations and tears. 
Through her i learned the greatest gift of all, how to work with horses through body language and natural horsemanship.  Learning how to get them to make the decision to accept, instead of just tolerate.  Falee and her line are wonderful performance horses, no dirt at all and once they respect you as a kind leader they will do even the most difficult of tasks, without question.
I will miss you Falee, but i know you are back with your beloved family, your dam and daughter, who you loved so much.

It is so hard to believe that the end of the year is so close!  Its been such a busy year it has flown!

so much has happened.


Firstly many birthday parties with a lot of first timers riding the ever reliable Purebreds Simeon Seon and Ralvon Signature.  All having fun and taking it all in their stride!

Then in July having the master horseman Colin Byron here to break in our older Amir progeny.

That was just awesome to be part of.  Colin is the epitomy of my beliefs in horse handling.  Keep it simple, solve problems presented and get the horses mind working in tune, letting it choose the right and easy way to do things.

SP Sa'eed, SP Faanya, Sp Felena, and Aazad Amir were broken in.


Simeon Sohar had a refresher in manners and learnt how to be handled in just a rope halter and long lead instead a bridle and bit in mixed company.  He has gone onto learning how to treat ladies appropriately in all situations, which our new mare Neloufa fulfilled beautifully!  He is now an absolute gentleman and is very happy having a wife 24/7.

SP Sa'eed (Abraxas Amir x Saarbrena) 15.1hh 4yo gelding and Kirstyn (Mike x Nikki) at their first show!


SP Sa'eed found a wonderful new home with Kirstyn Page and her extended family.  I love how even the grandparents are involved with Sa'eed (now Jaxon as a paddock name)  They have been to a couple of Led shows and are now gearing up for some ridden ones.

Sarida, Chris and Tegan Magin


Sarida also found a new home with Tegan and Chris Magin.  Sarida loves both of them like i havent seen before.  Totally devoted as is they to her.  Sarida recently joined Tegan and Chris in their Wedding!  Sarida leaves her legacy, the yearling SP Sarina for us, an incredible and tall image of herself, altho grey by Abraxas Amir*. 


SP EROS (Abraxas Amir x Kuhaylan Nakala) SE colt

SP Eros also left for his new home with Katrina Braxton of Victoria.  Eros is now a yearling SE Grey colt by Abraxas Amir out of Kuhaylan Nakala aka Smoothie!  He is a stunning young boy and has taken everything so easy.  

His older full brother gelding SP Shamir has also been sold to Qld, Zuhra Arabians destined for an endurance career!  He is also very tall and well built, massive movement so will be very suited for this sport.  He will be staying here until broken in.

Simeon Sakranit SE mare


Our beautiful new mares are Simeon Sakranit (Imperial Madaar* x Simeon Safran (ABS* x Simeon Sukari) Sassy was purchased from Ruth Newman (thankyou again!) of Slipstream Arabians due to her beautiful nature and the fact she was broken in with NH methods, a very reliable and quiet ride.  Of course her sire was a big favourite of mine and knowing how well Saarbrena has bred for us it was a clincher!  She was in foal to Simeon Shovan (Asfour* x Ibtehag Albadeia*) so i was hoping for a bay colt AND I GOT MY WISH!!!


So Andy arrived on the 2nd November, i checked for hours for signs of grey around the eyes!  Stunning right from the start and thankfully loved us straight away too, just like the amirs do!  He has a huge personality, already knowing he is Heir to the throne and an important part of Sheridan Park History.  A setback occured the next day of his birth when his umbilical cord didnt close over, so he was also urinating from this area.  5 days later it opened up fully so the decision was made for him to undergo surgery to correct this.  the day we dropped him off he turned all colty, lol, they all knew Andy when i rang up for updates!!  Sassy was a brilliant mum, as long as we kept the food in front of her she was content!  Andy tho had many airs above ground he needed to show everyone!  5 weeks later he was finally out in a paddock stretching those legs!

SP Ameera


Nafeessa SEI (Shalin Al Saba x Simeon Silpa) delivered her stunningly elegant filly on the 9th of November, unexpectedly as mum didnt fully bag, she did however look quite different and a bit unsettled so the alarm went on 'just in case'!  Thankfully as she foaled 4am!!  I so love this filly, she is one of Amirs best, so well proportioned and a delicate sweet nature, like a princess, so Tahlia named her Ameera, so perfect!  Naffy was an incredible mum too, so thought her little one was just incredible as


SP Faanya and Alicia Thornton


SP Faanya (Abraxas Amir x SP Faridah) formed a new partnership with her young charge Alicia Thornton and with limited training it all fell into place just in time for their debut under saddle at a local show.  We were just expecting to survive the first show but instead Faanya shone.  She was very relaxed, not needing much work before the ring started at all, did not worry about all the other horses or people going every which where!!  They came away with a neck full of ribbons and the pride in picking up every canter lead and working in frame, good job well done!!

SP Faanya and Alicia


SP Felena was going to be my daughters riding mare but lack of interest and increasing confidence in her made me bring her in and start working her.  She is just incredible with only a handful of rides since july she was a safe and reliable mount out and about in traffic, 5 other horses and kangaroos!  I now plan to get her educated for some dressage, shows and western events in the new year!  Why not have fun with the kids!

Kaitelyn my eldest daughter has now finished Yr 12 and turned 18yo!  She intends to study Veterinary Sciences at Uni!  

Amir now lives with 4 purebred Mares!

Amir and his Girls!!  From L Kissy, Smoothie, Habielaa and Sataara and Amir on the R


They all adore him but at times he finds hes just too bossed and goes to the other side of the paddock!!  We are 98% sure the beautiful se mare Abraxas Habielaa USA (ET Crown Prince x BA Halamet) is in foal and will be due very early August 2012!  This will be a full sibling in blood to Abraxas Bint Abu, by amirs full brother out of Habielaas full sister!!  She is stunning so we are very excited!  The SE mare Sataara (usa) (Imtaarif x AK El Sanaa) runs the herd and everyone obeys her command, promptly!!  we are not sure of a pregnancy yet but fingers crossed.  Smoothie, Kuhaylan Nakala (Simeon Samal x Kuhaylan Nakeeda) was put back in with Amir for a full sibling to SP Taahira Dawn, SP Eros and SP Shamir.  This cross has just been outstanding so why mess with a good thing!  Smoothie of course thought she was supposed to be his ONLY wife!  Ethereal Kiss This (Caramea Wind Candle x Talika Shaniah) owned by Monique Govan is a gorgeous dapple grey purebred mare!  She is just a delightful mare who LOVES company and will follow everyone around for hours if she could!

Theyre off!!


COOLINDA PARK ELIZJA  stayed over in the off season to be rebred to Aazad Amir after such a hard breeding season last year.  Thankfully one heat and she was in foal!  Elizja is owned by Katrina Braxton who bought SP Eros.

Lady Robin of Seven Oaks and Catherine winning R Champion Purebred Mare 4yo to 9yo at the SA State Champs.


We have had a wonderful year training the Pure Crabbet mare, Lady Robin of Seven Oaks (Inshallah Silver Guardian x Inshallah Silver Sonnet).  She is owned by Catherine McTaggart who lives on a station in outback SA!  Robin has come away with a lot of ribbons this season, but even better is she has been a delight the whole time!  Catherine also owns and bred the gorgeous chestnut yearling filly SAPHIDHA (Destineys Heritage x Joden Saphire).  She is full of snort and blow so we are looking forward to her debut after the new year!


We have also been lucky enough to be able to share some training and showring tips to some lovely people wanting to try their hand at halter showing.  They have all done very well too taking home lots of ribbons and pride in their wonderful arabians!

We are awaiting the birth of our last SE foal, due xmas day!  Ashouri is in foal to Simeon Sohar (Asfour* x Abiebi*) and this is her first foal since Aazad!!

Neloufa (Prince Nelouf x Windsor Park Fantasia)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest in our beloved Arabians and hope you have a wonderful christmas and happy new year.


                                                January 2011


 January was a relaxed month with the girls enjoying their arabians with their friends.

Bonnies first time ever riding, with Huckles aka Simeon Seon, and Bec riding Sabtah A Serenade aka Sara, also not experienced.

Tahlia and SP Viktoria dragged from the paddock to do riding duties, is hard to remember this mare is only just broken in shes so quiet!


If you look closely you can see the girls way out in the paddock on their own, being very well looked after by their arabian mounts!  This view is from our dining room windows!


I gave my first clinic of Natural Horsemanshipand body language, and how it then leads onto Show Halter training and anything else you would like to do.  We have also had Laura Gladigau (Niece and girls cousin) over for a few days to teach her the basics for her Yr 12 studies.  It was very intensive as we only had a short time.


Laura and Huckles practising a front step over.

relaxed safe horse after a good lesson getting his reward

Laura asking signature to step over to straighten up before resuming backing.  First time for both of them at an obstacle.

 A good result!

Also a first for signature, and a great response, some horses take forever to get this relaxed to yawn!


I love the change in the horses behaviour afterwards and its wonderful to see a safe partnership formed in a short time.





                                              December 2010

Life has slowly gotten back to normal for us post Open Day!

Sheridan Park Jackpott (Sheridan Park Saamir x Sanlirra Snugglepott) our yearling grey gelding was sold to Linda and Chris for their girls future riding pony.

I imagined the girls were excited as can be and Jackpott is so loving his new life with them and doing us, as his breeders proud!

Bevolin Heat Wave, Ambers trusty Arabian Pony mare was sold to Fiona Tomney of SA to be her confidence booster and equine partner in life.  Heaty also is loving her new life and settled in instantly!!  We miss her heaps but it was time Amber moved on a growing just hasnt stopped!

So while searching Australia for a buckskin Arabian suitable for Amber has not been fruitful, Amber is now riding Ralvon Signature and i have to say they look perfect together!  Signature was broken in as a 3yo and not gone on with, well you wouldnt know it as she is just so sweet under saddle and i think is really meant to stay at Sheridan Park as a reliable beautiful saddle mare.

Tahlia has finally gotten back into the saddle as well taking Sheridan Park Viktoria out today for her first time in 6 months after an injury halted riding.  She was just broken in as well and hadnt  had a lot of experience but once again was very unreactive like she had been ridden for years, so proud of our girls!

My appaloosa National winning Mare Steffi, aka CJ just so obvious, and i attended our first western clinic late november, held by ARAC and a lot was learned from the talented trainer Mark Shaffer.  I especially learned a lot from his ground work and have now applied it to all i do here at Sheridan Park.  His equipment has come in handy and is well made and extremely effective, and didnt break the bank either.  Steffi and i found we have quite a bit to work on, and this is currently happening now its stopped raining!!  Slowly we are breaking the barriers down and look forward to really doing some western competitions, a personal dream i have had for many years!  Todays ride was a big break through and has me quite excited for the future! 

We have welcomed Simeon Sohar into our lives and he has quickly become a valued part of our equine family.  His beauty, breeding and temperament will endear him to all, he was in heaven when i found his itch spot and gave him a massage.  A lovely line up of beaties will be bred to him soon!

Another major achievement was realised when Abraxas Amir was allowed to paddock serve with the introduction of Sar Mahzette as his paddock partner!  The maiden SE mare nafeessa SEI is now paddocked with him full time.  Katrina Braxton of Victoria is also the proud new owner of her future Stud Stallion by Amir out of Kuhaylan Nakala (Simeon Samal).  She named this gorgeous colt Sheridan Park Eros after the greek god Cupid.  He will join Katrina after weaning.


                                              November 2010


Our first Open Day!


 Some of our guests grateful for the refuge amongst Ellen Steyns beautiful paintings!


The day dawned wet and cool, but in spite of this the Open Day was a success!

Our visitors came from as far as Queensland and Victoria as well as all parts of SA.


The horses presented well despite the wetness and although the surface became slippery none lost their footing.


Sheridan Park Felena not letting the rain bother her!


Ralvon Signature was once again a firm favourite, her floating trot and star quality winning the hearts of many.  Sar Mahzette and Sheridan Park Viktoria also showing their Arabian flair and snort! 


 Ralvon Signature and Sar Mahzette



Ashouri though decided she was beneath running around in the rain much to her admirers amusement at their attempts to get her in the 'mood'!


Alisha laughing at Ashouri refusing to fire up!   

Jess Aistrope and our first born foal, Sheridan Park Kariim, now 20 showed why the have had a successful Elite Career in Endurance around Australia.


Jess and SP Kariim

 Amir and Christine looking like they stepped out of Aladdin.

Abraxas Amir * showed his versatility being presented in Liberty, Dressage, Stockhorse and the finale in my homemade Arabian Costume, both Amir and Christine looking like they had stepped out of a fairytale!




Our many helpers did a fantastic job shaking the horses up, getting them ready and then running them back to their paddocks.

A huge and fun part of the Open Day was when the mares and foals were brought down, and our guests were able to walk among them and the foals loving all the attention!  They then started playing to our delight!



 Bubby and her colt enjoying all the attention!

 Snugglepotts colt playing with his older brother SP Eros.


 I would like to thank my family, Nanna, Richard, Kaitelyn, Tahlia and Amber for the many hours and emotions that went into putting on such a large event!  My amazing friend Chelle, and her family Gary and Alex.  What ever idea i have Chelle is always there immediately asking what she can do!  My very special besties, Alisha, Liz and Deb who immediately said they were flying in to help get ready for the day.  Monique for saying yes to taping the day, an arduous task wiht very young children and a trip over from Kangaroo Island to organise, to David Gillett and Liz Christensen for being my amazing photographers.  Christine Kowald for training Amir to start reaching his potential, for being enthusiastic in trying new events and disciplines!  For our new team member Jess Aistrope, helping train the young ones and working hard to get everything ship shape for this big day. For Nancy, Vicky and Krystal pitching in everywhere, for our wonderful team of shakers, Bianca, Bec, April (and Aprils Nanna), Tamsin and Kiara. Finally for everyone that turned up on the day inspite of the weather and increasing cold, your support and wonderful comments afterwards made all the effort and planning worthwhile and rewarding!




August 2010

Dressage and Endurance


Our latest achievements have been at Mt Crawford Dressage Club where Kaitelyn, Amber and recently myself have had a go at Prep tests.

Amir has competed twice so far with scores over 60%!

Sheridan Park Saamir has been recently started under saddle by Bronya Kennedy.  Since then we have won a prep dressage test and completed a 22km challenging intro ride (on the same weekend!)

He will now be trained for a few shows by Christine Kowald.  He has a lovely temperament, his canter is just superb and not too much has worried him, apart from Huckles spooking at Roos, and Riders coming up behind us!  His heart rates were superb at pre ride 39 and post ride 36.  He was measured at 14.3hh recently too.

Amir also loved being out on the trails with Christine, relishing the challenge of the hills of hell and enjoying the company of others.  He is so unreactive out and about, being the best behaved of the group!  He took the whole process in without a call out or any stalliony behaviour, apart from when he was asked to trot out, then he started showing!!  lol

His recoveries were fantastic too, 40, 40.  He is now out on a break until late september, much to his displeasure!

Amber and Kaitelyn have done well with their first prep tests, excellent scores and comments!






The Breeders Crown Show April 2010


1st Yearling Filly

1st Junior Pure Classic Head

2nd Pure Junior Classic Trot

Reserve Champion Junior Purebred


Sheridan Park Saamir

1st 3yo Pure Gelding

1st Junior Classic Trot

2nd Junior Pure Classic Head

Champion Junior Purebred


Simeon Seon

3rd Senior Pure Classic Head

1st Senior Pure Classic Trot


Abraxas Amir usa

1st Pure Stallion under saddle

1st Pure Galloway Hack

Champion Pure under saddle



SA Pinto Assn Foal Show March 10

Sheridan Park Symphony

1st Yearling purebred filly

Champion Purebred Filly

Supreme Purebred


2010 Specialty Show Mt Pleasant 7th March 10

Sheridan Park Symphony

1st Classic Head Junior

1st Classic Trot Junior

1st Yearling Filly

Champion Junior Purebred Filly


Abraxas Amir

1st Ridden Purebred Stallion

Reserve Purebred under saddle

2nd Galloway Hack

3rd Australian Pleasure


Murray Bridge Pinto Ass Show 14th Feb 10

Abraxas Amir

1st Purebred Stallion u saddle

1st Purebred Bridlepath Hack

Champion Purebred u Saddle


The Main Event A class Show 

Sat 6th Feb 10

Abraxas Amir

Champion Purebred Stallion u saddle

3rd Newcomer (pure and derivative)

4th Hunter u saddle (pure and derivative)


Sunday 7th Feb 10

Sheridan Park Faanya

1st Purebred Filly Classic Trot

Most Classic Trot

2nd Purebred Classic Head

4th Best SA Bred


Sheridan Park Saamir

1st Male Classic Trot

Most Classic Trot


Sheridan Park Symphony

1st Purebred Classic Head

Most Classic Head

Reserve Champion Purebred Filly

2nd Best SA Bred


Breedorama Dec 09

Sheridan Park Faanya

1st Filly 3yo and under

Champion Purebred Female

3rd Classic Head out of all purebreds

3rd Classic Trot out of all purebreds

SA Arabs State Championships

Bevolin Heat Wave

2nd Derivative Mare over 4yo

Kaitelyn 1st Junior Handler

Amber 3rd Junior Handler



Despite the extreme heat we had a very successful show with lots of ribbons and prizes!

The horses were very well behaved and the girls had a ball!

Thanks to Chelle and Peta for helping out!

Once again in extreme heat, waiting around for hours as well, this was the first show for these 2 Abraxas Amir youngsters.

With only 3 weeks training they coped very well with a lot of firsts!  First time on the float, first time anywhere off the farm, first time shown, First time around so many horses and people!

They were BRILLIANT!

Very happy to wait around for their class, happy to be the only one in thier class, no calling out for each other, no messing around getting upset about anything.

They went in, worked out, stood up and let the judge tie the ribbon around them as well!

So very proud of the homebred horses and also how my girls showed them!  Even though there werent many entries it was valuable experience for both the girls and the horses.

Then they loaded up again for their 2nd time very well and off home again!

Thanks to Chelle for all your help Sunday!!  xx






The Foals are Arriving!!!

Go to the Foals page and click on the photo of our newest cutest arrival!!




Latest Amir Photos

go to www.ksheridanphotos.com to view all the latest photos







This season we have been busy on the Endurance Trails in the Adelaide Hills.

We have completed


Meldana 15th March, 20km

Kaitelyn on Simeon Seon

3hours 22mins

H/R 43, 43

Karen on Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame

H/R 42, 40


Truro Easter Bunny Ride April 10th to 12th, 20km

Kaitelyn on Simeon Seon

H/R 38, 40

2 Hrs 36 mins

Tahlia on Sarida

H/R 39, 43

2hrs 36 mins

Karen on Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame

H/R 36, 43

2 hours 13 mins

Amber on Bevolin Heat Wave, (vo girth galls)

H/R 34, 42

2 hours 13 mins


Kuitpo 24th May, 40km

4 hrs 41mins

Kaitelyn on Simeon Seon

H/R 39, 43

Tahlia on Sarida

H/R 41, 41

Amber on Heat Wave

H/R 33, 40

Karen on Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame

H/R 34, 40


Starkeys 2, 51km

5 hr 26 min

Kaitelyn on Simeon Seon

H/R 38, 44, 46

Karen on Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame

H/R 33, 48, 50


Starkeys 3, 40km (Included the hills from hell, lol.)

4 hrs 20 mins

Kaitelyn on Simeon Seon

H/R 40, 43

Tahlia on Sarida

H/R 36, 42

Amber on Bevolin Heat Wave

H/R 40, 42

Photos for Starkeys 3 by Steve Ellis


Karen on Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame (vo hamstrings all other recoveries excellent vet said)

H/R 34, 43


****Monarto Plan B 80 km Ride****

Time 8 hrs 41 mins


Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame

H/R 39, 42, 49, 51  (all taken 10 mins after returning to base)

Simeon Seon

H/R 45, 43, 47, 60

Bevolin Heat Wave

H/R 37, 46, 45, 48






Strathalbyn Hunt Club Show

Strath was a small show held on April the 4th at the Polo Grounds.

Huckles and Kaitelyn had a great time winning Classic Head, Classic Trot, Gelding 4 and over and Reserve Champion Purebred.


'That one!'



Amber and Falame winning Junior Handler.


Falame and Amber winning 2nd in the mares class!





Kaitelyn and I did our first 20km trainer ride at Meldana on the 15th march.  I was riding Falame and Kaitelyn on Simeon Seon (Huckles).

It took us 3hrs and 22 mins to complete.  It was quite challenging with big hills and creek crossings but was so much fun.

Both had excellent recoveries, much better than ourselves!!

We hope to be doing many more this season.

Simeon Seon resting HR 43, completion HR 43

Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame resting HR 42, completion HR 40






The Main Event 2009

This was our first Arabian Show since our move and the culmination of a long held dream for my children to show our horses.

What a weekend we had!


Kaitelyn showed Simeon Seon for Classic Head Gelding, and then Most Classic Head for the Show!



Then it was Tahlia and Falames turn!  This was Tahlias first time at Halter Showing!


They won.............


Reserve Champion Purebred Mare!!


Then it was Ambers turn to have a go!


Best SA Bred Purebred!



Then it was the Young'uns turn on Sunday!


Esaskia Naji (aka Harry) was shown as a yearling colt for

4th Classic Head

2nd Classic Trot

Champion Purebred Colt

3rd Best SA Bred Purebred

then at home he showed his blistering style........



Sheridan Park Saamir

Sam is a 2yo purebred just gelded in Dec 08.

He was very capably shown by Kaitelyn and showed his beautiful nature by getting even more quieter as the day passed.




Then at home he powered around for the following photos...

showing how beautiful and charismatic he really is!