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Keyi Dera

The search for my dream bay welsh b mare ended at Keyi stud in June 2013.  One glance at this incredible mare and i knew she was the one i had been dreaming about!  Instant excitement!  Thankfully Chris and Janet thought she was meant to be with me too, even though she was carrying a very special foal.

Dera didnt really think too much about being uprooted so instead of being able to get to know her better i had to put her out in the big paddock with her travelling partner to destress and eat and grow her special foal.

The 15th of September 2013 at 3am an incredibly refined headed bay colt, with 4 white socks came into this world and Dera became the most amazingly calm maiden mare i have ever foaled down.  She stood stock still, not even turning her head until her little foal finally latched on.  She hasnt stopped touching him since, a very proud and happy mum.  The colt is by the handsome and incredibly well bred stallion Pontsteffan Simwnt Imp UK. and is his first bay progeny!

Dera will be bred to Marconi Gold Maker in 2016!

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