Type, Temperament, Trainability

Quarab filly, Sheridan Park Twilight


Sheridan Park Twilight

Day 3

Twilight was born 3.5 weeks early, on the 19th of November, a total surprise.  Elly had shown no signs of being in labour at all nor had waxed although had been on regumate due to being cast a few weeks prior.  Both Elly and filly were robust and did all the right things!


Twilight is Amirs first Derivative progeny and is classified Quarab.  Her dam is Freckles Elly by Freckles Doc Bar out of Roses Elly May.  Her saddle training was cut short due to a horrific injury to her near hind.  Twilight is Ellys first foal and she is loving being a mum!



Twilight promises to be an incredible riding horse, performing moves like slides, stepping over and exhibiting the powerful qh strength already.  She is extremely sensitive and with the right trainer will go a long way.



She is incredibly beautiful to boot with those big Amir eyes and very typey head, she is very active and has to have quite a few gallops during the day making her own obstacle course as she does!


Twilight exhibiting the powerful takeoff from her QH heritage.

Elly and Kaitelyn during our photo shoot.

5.5 week old