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Designer Gold

Dolly or now called Sassy with her human, Sharyn Bacon of SA

Dolly has been broken in and lightly ridden by myself and my children.  She is still quite green and does need more miles and experience under her belt but promises to be a superb riding horse.

She is a smart girl and is picking up what is being taught easily.  I have taught her with NH and body language allowing her to be relaxed while learning new things in new environments.  I do prefer someone wiht this knowlege and understanding to continue on from me.  She works in soft frame when asked, goes forward beautifully off light aids and is picking up canter leads with limited work.

She loves stockwork and reacts and watches where she needs to without getting over excited, you put her where she needs to be and she follows the beast, great first rollbacks.

She is ridden in a western saddle and snaffle mylor bit.

Dolly is a superb mare who is underutilised here at the moment, hence being offered for sale.  If you think you are the right partner for her then let me know and we can discuss from there.

Dolly Jan 2008

Once again Au Naturel photos!




Slideshow of Dolly from Birth to 3yo




Dolly as she is known, was purposely bred to be my next riding horse.

I had admired her sire Monsview Gold Cidium, a Palomino ASH Stallion of TB and Arabian (12.5%) lines.  He was a gentle giant, standing at 16.3hh.  His foals were consistently quiet, althletic and very good looking.  A search was on for a purebred mare, good conformation, movement, height and arabian type a must.  Rokewood Saffron (15.1hh)was purchased as a 3yo, brought back to SA, broken in and then bred when old enough.

How lucky was I to get my Pally filly straight off!  A special name was sought and after much deliberation Designer Gold was picked (Thanks Jenny C!)

Dolly was all I wanted her to be.  Quiet, beautiful and very easy to do anything with.  Her conformation and movement were excellent!  I entered her in her first show as a yearling, The Classic mind you, an AA class arabian show in her yearling partbred class.


Since then she has stayed at home, and been companion to babies, sheep, cows and alpacas, to which she absolutely adores!

She will soon be broken in and her destiny will be started.  I anticipate that she will be a brilliant no fuss all rounder and when she is spelled she will be bred to a suitable warmblood stallion.


Rokewood Saffron pc Peter Brookman                Monsview Gold Cidium