Type, Temperament, Trainability

Sheridan Park Kaison


 Kaison has now turned 3 and will be broken in in January 2012

He is a big mover and is a nice solid boy.

He is desperate for a human to love and pamper him.

He has massive movement and will give someone an incredible ride.

He will mature around 14.3hh

Kaison has been sold to Jessica Aistrope and is now commencing his endurance career, in the footsteps of his uncle, Sheridan Park Kariim.


February 2009


Bubbys boy is turning out to be quite the opportunity artiste!



I was wondering why a couple of the mares were dropping weight rapidly when the others were doing so well!

Well it turns out the little sneak was bolding going up to certain mares and having a good ol' feed at the expense of his siblings and the dams!!



It seems being the boss's son has perks!!




Sheridan Park Kaison (Son of a fighter) at a week old.


Kaison was born Monday morning of the 3rd of November.  Poor Bubby retained placenta for 5 days before it was finally able to be extracted 3 vet visits later and a whole lot of medication.

Luckily apart from sore injection sites, Bubby seems to be in excellent health with hooves still attached!



This little fella is an incredible colt.  He has huge poppy eyes, beautiful chiselled face with small muzzle and an incredible body and those looooooong legs!

He has the most beautiful of personalities too!  He tries to head us off from leaving the paddock and when we do finally make our escape he stands alone and calls to us to come back!


Kaison with Ally Packer.


Kaison loves to chat to everyone and everything that comes close enough.  Quite often he leaves him mums side to go seek out a bit of social time!


Kaison with Aunty Tory!

Kaison has an incredible pedigree.  He has 3 crosses to El Hilal through different siblings who are RDM Maar Hala, AH Abraxas and Imperial Al Kamar.

He is heavily Egyptian bred with tail female to such greats as Arim, AP Faraz and Fire Trix.

This whole line has been proven riding horses in many varied disciplines and shows.

Kaison will be for sale on weaning so if you think you have the right home to offer him I am very open to hear what you can offer him.  Unfortunately we cannot run colts on over 2 here so all colts not sold will be gelded.  Kaison will be a star so i really want to find him the right home to further his potential.

Unfortunately as yet, the photos do not show his true type, a very classical true to standard type of colt.