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Amir 2009

August 2009


These photos were taken on a lovely winters day at Sheridan Park.

Amir once again had a ball and Kaitelyn (15) did too!



JULY 2009


Amir recently attended a Glenys Shandley Clinic beautifully ridden once again by Emma Facey.  His first dressage lesson!


He was so well behaved once again, never before in an indoor, he took no notice of what was going on once the saddle was on and worked his little heart out!

He gained many new admirers and fans, both Emma and Glenys very impressed with his work ethics and how much he improved in 2 lessons.

Amir of course thought he was pretty clever and all adulation was his right!


May 2009

Amir in winter coat on an autumn afternoon after a quick trim and wash.

Any way you look at him.....

A Classic Egyptian Stallion