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Abraxas Amir 2010



December 2011

"When I walk in the spot, this is what I see........
Everybody stops and they staring at me "


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Amir with his girls!






Amir has been living the dream!

From late 2010 he has been living firstly with Nafeessa SEI, who was such a gentle mare, not even lifting a leg to threaten when she went off season, instead just pushing him off balance and walking away.

He now has 2 lovely ladies living in with him and they are all just so happy.  The gentle touching, loving looks and content grazing is beautiful to see.  The subtle changes in all of them, more content and relaxed is a beautiful sight to see each day.

Amir was instantly more trainable under saddle, even more willing than before. 



                                      November 2010 Open Day

 Now to top it all off, Amir is now paddocked with his mares!!

What an incredible Straight Egyptian Stallion

'What more do you want?'


Trained and Ridden by Christine Kowald 





Liz C 



Liz C






August 2010







 Amir and Christine have had a few dressage competitions at Mt Crawford Dressage Club competing in Associate Preliminary Tests.

He has proven himself by winning and also scoring over 60% in all but one Novice Test.

 Photos are from his first time out!



Show Season Finished for early 2010

Amir and Christine had a fantastic first season under saddle!

Every show he came away with a Champion Ribbon and his workouts just improved so much!

Not only that but he was a gentleman inbetween classes, very rarely calling out and carrying on which was wonderful.

As soon as Christine was ready to ride again he was all business and mind on the job!

We are so proud of them both!

Christine and Amir are now going to do Unofficial Dressage and watch this space for more exciting developments!


A New Adventure!


Abraxas Amir and Christine Kowald at the Specialty Show 2010 (his 3rd show)


A brand new exciting life has opened up for Amir with the arrival of Christine Kowald into his world!


Training week 3


Christine is actually my long lost 2nd cousin, coming from the very talented Arabian family of Jahahn Arabians!


Christines passion is Dressage and training Arabians and the rapport between them was very evident from the first few weeks.

Amir though, was not a push over from the start.  Their first ride was in the round yard and he actually went gracefully up in the air, the expression on his face though was shock once he got up there, thinking what on earth was he doing!  The next two weeks were spent making sure Christine was worthy of being his trainer, resisting what she asked and even refusing to move at one point, lol!

In between brilliance shone in brief moments and then all of a sudden all resistance stopped and a team was formed.  Amir now dotes on his rider and loves all the attention bestowed upon him from all angles!





Achievements So Far


Main Event A Class Show

Champion Stallion

3rd Newcomer (pure/derivatives)

4th Hunter (Pure/Derivs)


Murray Bridge All Breeds (B Class Show)

1st Purebred Stallion

Champion Purebred

1st Bridlepath Hack


Specialty Show 2010

1st Purebred Stallion Under Saddle

Reserve Champion Purebred u Saddle

2nd Galloway u saddle (pure and derivs)

3rd Australian Pleasure