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Abraxas Amir 2008

October 2008


A quick bath and grab the camera and here are the results!





Deb Fletcher from El Ishmael Arabians telling Amir how much she enjoyed his 'show' he put on for her!





Amir in his paddock trying to get the attention of the horse nearby!  He got our attention!

23rd March 2008

Once again Abraxas Amir 'Au Naturel', showing you dont have to have weeks of conditioning and specific treadmilling/swimming to look good!  What is more important is to have the conformation in the first place, saves a lot of time and money trying to hide flaws in the long run!




He has just been in his 100 acre paddock and serving mares till Monday the 28th of Jan 2008 when we decided to take photos at liberty, and if Jackie felt ok on him out in the paddock where he lives under saddle.  Amir thoroughly enjoyed his day, trotted his heart out pretty much with little stimulation from us and then after a bit of a breather the saddle went on.  Jackie rode him for 5 minutes in the round yard and then off we went!

The photos tell the rest!  My daughter Kaitelyn decided she would like to have a ride on Amir as well.  Previously the year before she was a bit intimidated by him so it was a big surprise to find her wanting to do this.  Amir responded beautifully and respectfully did all that was asked of him at a walk and trot.

What a fantastic day we had!!  I am now going to be riding Amir and preparing him for local events such as Dressage, Stockmans Events and whatever else comes our way!!

Karen Sheridan 3rd Feb 2008



Abraxas Amir (imp USA)

The versatile Straight Egyptian

SCID free


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Outstanding free shoulder and reach you usually only see in Warmblood Advertising! 

(And where did they originally get it from?)



Power, Strength and Beauty.

Amir had been unridden for 12 months prior to this day, brand new rider, different saddle and wide open spaces!!



Beautiful smooth conformation and extremely willing attitude leads to an outstanding ride.



Beautiful high set arched neck, a truly Classic Straight Egyptian


Jackie taking Amir through his paces in his paddock amongst the beautiful big red gum trees.


And the ULTIMATE!!

My 14yo daughter riding him.


How special is that!




All in one horse too!!



Emma riding Amir Feb 2007