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Abraxas Amir, the start...

SP Sa'eed showing his fathers style!


Amirs foal from an Egyptian/Russian bred mare.

'Harry' was born premature just over 3 weeks early.  His dam has suspected placentitis and was bagged fully by 250 days gestation.  Due to the tenacity of her owner, and the sheer will of the dam, Harry arrived safe and sound at 319 days.  These photos were taken 10 days later after he had put a bit of condition on.  The mares breeding is Simeon Sur (Anaza Bay Shah x Simeon Savion) x Desert Fox Cheka (Simeon Samuel x Torryburn Serenade(x Nariadni lines).  The 2 photos were taken off a video camera.


To see more of the mare and foal go to www.esaskia-arabians.com.

Amir is SCID clear

You What???


Not only is he a straight egyptian, this is only his 5th ride in Australia since importation in November 2005 AND prior to his last ride the week before he had NEVER had a dressage saddle on, nor had been ridden dressage style before!  What a horse!  Not only did he try his heart out in 40 degree heat he LOVED it!!  He is ridden beautifully by Emma Facey, a dressage judge and competitor who had never ridden a stallion before. 

 We managed to talk her into hopping in the western saddle and it wasnt long before Emma was used to it and got him moving beautifully around the property, past his mares and around a few cows along the way!  They made a beautiful sight giving all us onlookers 'goosebumps' watching them.


"The King of Sheridan Park"

ET Crown Prince x AH Abraxas

Amir is a 'dream come true' for Sheridan Park Arabians.  He is the next step in our 17 year breeding program, working our way up from a $300 purebred arabian back in 1989 to being able to 'live the dream' and import an amazing Straight Egyptian such as Amir.


Amir's Video's can now be viewed by Windows Media Player



   Video edited and Produced by Kelli Greene

Amir is the epitomy of what I am aiming to breed and enhance in the Arabian Horse Industry.


pc Tracey Bavinton when he was one week out of quarantine. (Oct 2005)   

Beautiful, functional, huge moving, lovely straight legs,  quiet, sensible, trustworthy, playful, are all words that describe Amir well.

Amir is a classical old style Egyptian Arabian, bred to be functional, bred to be sensible, bred to perform, and with gorgeous big eyes you dont see that often anymore!  He has 40% Nazeer breeding, nearly enough to be a son of this immortal sire.

Photo taken 11/9/06 in paddock condition as Amir lives out 24/7

Amir has settled well into Australian life on the farm, now living in his own paddock of 100 acres with a herd of murray grey cows for company and his beautiful herd of mares across the road to sweet talk!

Amir has a huge fun loving personality!  If asked to play its only a second and the tail is up and he is strutting on the end of the lead.  He is so good to handle in all ways. 

Finally Amir and I are starting to explore the farm under saddle which he is loving!  He is so soft to ride, with absolutely no attitude at all, just a willing, where are we going now Mum?  I look forward to when I can share some photos of our ridden exploits around the farm and community!  After our first two rides I was on a high for 2 days, just the simple joy of partnership and trust with such a magnificent Arabian was amazing!

Amirs pedigree is flawless. 

The photo that caught my attention and caused me to enquire.  Amir at 3yo with Darlene Hopkins.