Type, Temperament, Trainability

Aazad Amir


Aazad is now gelded and has settled into his new role.  He still makes a few stalliony noises to the girls but then just walks away, lol.

  Hes so quiet and sensible and has the most amazing free flowing trot that you just want to keep riding!

 Hes now being used for lessons and is always happy to be caught and fussed over.

We have done one 20km endurance ride so far with all taken in his stride!





Before these new photos, Aazad was just relaxing in the paddock with a girlfriend, and had only 2 x half hour sessions in the round yard with Christine Kowald, a  couple of months before.  He had been broken in June/July and was now the Middle of January!



So paddock condition, with no prior training, and no before prep by Colin (Byron, master horseman) cos he would have got him dirty, lol, he went out past mares and into paddocks hed not been before.  No bad behaviour at all, just a bit of remembering to soften and listen!



For the next 2 hours he did circle work, campdrafting the bull, standing in the middle of the herd of cattle, gallops with Ralvon Signature (who happened to be in season!!) and lots of whipcracking!!  Then back out in the paddock with his girlfriend!!



Aazad is currently around 14.3hh, i do think he has an inch or 2 to go yet but i cant guarantee that.  Most of the Amirs so far seem to go up in bursts, the oldest only 5yo.

  He is the sire of one foal to date, a stunning yearling bay gelding, Sheridan Park A'azz, now sold!


He has so many beautiful and talented Arabians in his pedigree, he is bred to breed on, and he is bred for performance, ANY performance you want to train for!!



He is so quiet to serve with, trained with just the rope halter and long lead.  He is one of the most respectful stallions i know!  If things go wrong, and they do!!  He is easy to get off the mare, and he always reteases before remounting.


He has paddock served since he was 2yo.  He knows how to read a mare, yet he follows his instincts as well, once finding his way in with a few mares, one a yearling filly that was very much on, yet he was not interested in her one bit, and thankfully the mature mares werent in season!  But he was there in the paddock, just waiting and easily caught, and easily taken out again!

He is a stallion who is going to be absolutely stunning as he matures.  He has charisma, like his sire, that something that defines a quality stallion.  He certainly breeds on type, even though he has only one foal on the ground.  He is laid back, very 'zen', yet has the fire within to show off his amazing floating movement when asked, always coming back for cuddles after.

What more can you ask for?  He has it all!!!



Aazad has now been broken in!


On day 1 of breaking he was actually used as a pony to teach another TB colt to be started, the first time the breaker has done this.

His education included a lot of whip cracking, tarps all over him and while being ridden, ridden with other horses, ridden down the main street with lots of traffic, ridden down the road to a pine plantation with other horses, around the cows and sheep while cracking whips, liberty in the round yard while in with other stallions and mares, tied up next to other stallions and mare, walk, trot, canter in frame on correct leads, ponying other horses off him!  Ropes were all around him, neck, girth, under the tail, legs, flank.  What more could you want!!

Oh and all in disgusting weather, gale force winds, rain, hail etc!! 


As soon as he drops coat a bit more and some warm weather happens we will get more photos!


November 2010


Aazad is a daddy!  SP Faridah foaled a BAY colt, he has his daddys laid back temperament and promises to be very tall like his dad!

Aazad is now 15hh at 3yo and will be broken in over winter! 

Hes been a great paddock stallion, being in with Signature for quite a few months and is looking forward to being with the Saba beauties we have on lease!


November 2009

Aazad is now 2yo and has served his first mares successfully!

Both Bubby (SP Faridah) and Saarbrena have been served and have not returned in season!

Aazad was a good boy during training and we only used the NH rope halter and long lead.  He teased well and listened when things went wrong.

I was very pleased with him and cant wait to see what he produces next season!!

He is filling out beautifully and maturing nicely, although it will still be a few years before he is a fairytale stallion.

He is 14.3hh at the moment, feet and legs are still clean and straight, and movement is very powerful!



May 2009



Aazad after a quick bath on a warm autumns day in May.  he took to the clippers like he had always had them and didnt fuss at all during the quick prep time for the photos.


March 2009

Aazad at 18mo

Aazad is finally coming through some pretty 'interesting' growing phases and is returning to his beautiful self.


His movement is OUTSTANDING, a huge free groundcovering trot that is hard to photograph them looking pretty as they just about turn themselves

inside out each step they take. 



Aazad still has the most beautiful calm temperament he was born with.  He rarely gets flustered or worried and even with hormones starting to surge he is always

trustworthy and easy to handle.




Winter (July 2008) Photos

Aazad at 10 month old in the 100 acre clover paddock.


Photos taken Jan 2008


Aazad still continues to amaze me with his fuss free attitude.



Due to scans and teasing Ashouri etc i have been leaving him in his paddock they share with other mares and foals and just taking Ashouri to her 'appointments'!  At one stage they were apart for 3 hours and at no stage were they fussing or being agitated.



Aazad though when reunited was very happy to have his drink, and i dont think he left his mothers side for the rest of the day!!







The temperament of this colt simply amazes me.

The beautiful elegant short Arabian Head with small muzzle and big eye.


Because of this we thought we would try and wash him for these photos after Ashouri had her bath.  Well he simply adored his bath!!  First was the obligatory drink from the hose that his sire Amir HAS to have before we are allowed to start washing!

Look at those huge poppy eyes!!!


We popped a halter on him but he made no attempt to move off until the last parts of the wash so we didnt bother holding him either!  He just LOVED the scrubbing and even tolerated the rinsing quite well too!  I have never before bathed a foal or even thought of bathing a foal and we only did this because he is just so wonderful to be around!!

Aazad Amir has now had his first halter lessons and also his feet trimmed.  All went exceedingly easy as was as if he was already born knowing all this!







(Apart from my charm, good looks and coolness that is...)



Photos taken on 7th October 2007, 4 weeks old.



Now to show you how I got me some LUV'N' !!







Photo taken 2 hours after foaling


This newborn colt is a realisation of a long time dream.  And what a start to a Straight Egyptian breeding program!

This little man was born 7 days overdue, but in the daytime so all was forgiven!  He is quite a big boy for first time mum but she is coping well with motherhood and constant nursing demands.

Day 5 with Lolly the sheep dog pup


The colt loves to take off for a big gallop, leaving mum to panic and try and catch up to her little man, and just when she settles down to eating again he is once again off and racing!




This little mans personality is priceless!  He loves attention and scratches, calling out when he hears me coming, and putting on many a bucking and leaping show when there is an audience!


Day 5




Taken at a week old