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Taminga Filu +M

Vale Taminga Filu + M endurance champion


6/11/1980 ~ 13/5/2006

Taminga Filu +M at 25yo

pc Sharon Meyers


Filu is by the Imported Arabian Park Faraz and out of the Arabian Park mare Elfin.  She is 3/4 Egyptian blood which was so rare in her time.  Her full brother was the racing stallion Arabian Park Afraz.

Arabian Park Faraz (St Egyptian) pc Boiselle

Taminga Filu is the matriach of Sheridan Park.  She was born in 1980 at Taminga Stud in Victoria where Kathy Taylor of Taywoona Arabians purchased her for their new stud.  For them she produced a filly,Taywoona Rose of Falee, whom i had already purchased, and a gelding before coming down with a granulosur tumour of the left ovary.

She came to live at Sheridan Park when she was ten years old, unbroken and for a few years, untouched.  Slowly i was able to gain her confidence to the point where i thought i would have a go at breaking her in!!  First though i had the ovary removed and was given a 0% chance of her ever foaling again as her good ovary was the size of my small fingernail and with no follicular activity at all.  Well me being me decided that this was good enough odds and kept looking for treatments that could help.

I broke her in myself via aid of a video and books.  I felt completely safe the first moment i hopped on and we didnt look back since.  She absolutely loved the adventure of riding and loved to explore every road and paddock for the many hours we would be on horseback.

Well endurance riding beckoned.  It was very strong here in the SE of SA in those years with rides put on nearly every two weeks.  One of our first rides was a twilight ride here on our property to which she took in her stride!  I enrolled her in the Roll of Merit and it wasnt long (seven rides) before she got her Merit, in fact one season!  We won many HW trophies and prizes for best conditioned/managed along our way.

Filu and Karens 1992 Achievements both State and National Point Scores, please click.



Filu at 11 yo in the middle of endurance season

pc K Sheridan

In that one season we ended up with many awards, one in fact was one horse one rider in HW division, points rider, and was even in the top ten in Australia for that year.  We NEVER vetted out for the 2 seasons of competing.  I think too we were the first female to win this division in SA.

AS i retired to stud myself, Filu started to ovulate properly so with the aid of a leased stallion she was paddock served, to which she got in foal straight away!!  She went onto produce two more geldings, one has been exported to Saudi Arabia for endurance and the other is a valued member of the family to which he was sold.  Before that though, SP Maximal was champion gelding at the SA Championship show as a yearling!

Filu with SP Maximal by Kyang Shamus


Filu then was examined to be bred again and adhesions were found, which could malpresent any future foals so the decision was made to retire her to a life of luxury reigning over Sheridan Park!  She is currently 25 yo and going strong.  Still so easy to be around and still has that fire within that makes a superb example of an arabian mare.


Filu passed away in her paddock, fit as a fiddle to the end, by her side, her paddock companion Signature.  In her memory I wish to plant a special autumn tree so that when i look out into her paddock I will be reminded of this wonderful mare as the tree changes colour in a blaze of glory.  RIP Filu dear friend.