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SP Felena

2014 has brought a brand new sport into our lives,


March was the first ever South Australian Horse Archery Championships at Kersbrook, SA.  We have only done one clinic but with some concentrated practice a couple times a week we were able to place or win in all sections we entered!

We came 4th over all in the walk section, WON champion in the trot section and also won single arrow canter class!


Felena has become such an important part of our lives.


She is such an honest riding mare, so like her dam Falame.  The moment i hopped on her back, rather tentatively as i had lost my confidence with young horses, i felt at home!  I had just intended to sit and then get off again, but it wasnt long and i thought I'll just try a walk, then a trot....!




 Felena day 3 of the breaking process with Colin Byron!



Me n my girl.....















Felena at the wet Open day in November 2010!  

July 2009

It seems i only take pics of this gorgeous girl in Winter!  Will definately remedy that in the next couple of months!


Fluffy Winter pics (July 2008)





Photos taken January 2008


Felena is an Elegant Powerhouse!

She was a little more reserved than her brothers but is now just as confident and loves her scratches just as much, even if she doesnt know you.  She is a clever little thing and you can see her brain ticking over processing what we do all the time!



Felena had the halter on and all her feet done for the first time, and apart from a small hesitation at the start, stood well and accepted what was happening without fuss and bother.






3 weeks old, taken by Amber Sheridan 10yo




Twinkles is the sweetest little girl, she absolutely adores people and even though her mum came back for her 3 times to try and get her to go with her, she still wanted to stay with us!

She has learnt how to keep her brothers in place when she doesnt want to join in their boisterous play, all it takes is an evil look and the threat of a back up towards them and they soon get the hint!





Falame foaled unexpectedly at 6am on the 21st of November out in the paddock!

Both her dam and her daughter were present and protected her from the inquisative bunch of mares she was running with.  It was lovely to see the family group come together in a time of need. 



I was overwhelmed to see the foal was a filly after my run of colts, and such a wonderful filly she is too.

She is certainly not shy and loves attention and running!  Especially if she has someone to admire her while she is doing it!



Falame is a little bit bewildered at her new little bundle, especially after the traumatic raising of her last foal, Bubby.  I had forgotten that she hadnt experienced a foal suckling before or uninterrupted care of her own baby.  She has settled into motherhood again beautifully though and is now out with the broodmares.  Im sure it wont be long and Twinkles will be bossing her older brothers around!



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