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Simeon Seon

November 2009

Huckles once again was show horse for the girls at SA Arabs State Championships.

2nd to a lovely stallion in Classic Head

and the girls first CHAMPION Ribbon!!

August 2009

Here is the results of a successful first season of Endurance culminating with Kaitelyn and Huckles first 80km ride.

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Huckles smooching with Nanna!

The beautiful Simeon Setami at Gerzanne Arabian Stud in NZ

To see more of Setami go to http://www.horsetalk.co.nz/gerzanne/mares/setami.shtml

Isnt he cute, baby huckles!


April 2009


Huckles and Kaitelyn had a great Strath Hunt Club show in April winning,

First Purebred Classic Head

First Purebred Classic Trot

First Purebred Arabian Gelding

Reserve Champion Purebred



March 2009


Huckles showed his amazing temperament off at his first show in SA.


He was ever willing and happy to do as asked, especially when carrots were offered when the chance arose!

He took care of his young charges very proudly!


13th November 2008

I have wanted to do a shoot for a long time of Kaitelyn and her faithful steed Huckles galloping across the paddock in full flight!

The opportunity came when a dear friend visited and we all went for a ride, and the spare person rode the quad bike with the camera equipment!

The lighting conditions werent ideal as was early afternoon but the results are still not bad.




And the best thing is straight after the gallop he is very happy to just walk, no jigging or pulling, straight back to just being happy to do whatever is asked!


Deb F photo

June 2008

Kaitelyn and Huckles were once again a partnership at the winter gymkana at Mundulla June 2008.  Here they are doing the obstacle course and having a ball!


Waiting patiently while latching the gate obstacle!



Manouvering around the drums                                Huck with his admiring fans, Laura and Bonnie!


At the end of a very happy and successful day!



March 2008


Huckleberry and Kaitelyn have debuted at the local Mundulla Ag Show.  While no ribbons were achieved they did all the correct things and had a lot of fun!  Huckleberry passed a major milestone in that he finally accepted correct canter leads, even doing a flying change himself to get onto the correct lead!

yay!!  correct lead!!  You can see how much Huck is concentrating on doing the right thing asked!

Huckleberry was such a perfect gentleman in the very hyped conditions of motorbike races, whipcracking, showjumping and horses going all around him.  This was the first time he had been off the farm since arriving months ago!   I was very proud of the both of them.  Kaitelyn learnt how to get the correct lead, ask for a canter lead, recognising the wrong lead and diagonal, how to ask for the correct frame, how to change diagonals properly, showring ettiquette all in 3 days.  Plus there was the intensive canter lead lessons for Hucklberry!

We are hoping to have a go at some of the SA shows in the future after a few more lessons!

Huck and Kaitelyn are really enjoying themselves, he pretty much does everything she asks of him happily and he just LOVES his young charge!


December 2007

Huckleberry after his bath Dec 07.



Not long now till that mane will fall over!


Kaitelyn and Huckleberry sharing a moment.


October 2007

"Arabians are Wild Uncontrollable Beasts!  Please do not consider this breed for your children!"

Huckleberry has now arrived at Sheridan Park where he is settling in well

New photos taken 16th August 2007 by K Sheridan, please excuse the 'working man' look!




http://ahsadata.com/studbook/pedigree.cfm?ahsid=214823 AHSA

http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/simeon+seon  ALLBREEDS PED



Simeon Seon has been owned by Dixie Scaife-Elliot since he was weaned at 6mo.

Since then he has been a valued member of the family and has been partner to Matt on many trails.


He has been successfully shown at The East Coast Champs for a much valued Top 5 position and was trained by Richard Sharman for halter.

He has also been trained by the Ackerlies under saddle but due to time constraints has never been shown under saddle.

Matt and Huckleberry have also had a bit of fun at the training endurance rides completing 40km successfully.

Huckleberry has a sweet nature and is good to handle by anyone.  He thrives on attention and love!

Due to not acclimatising to the Qld weather Dixie and Matt have allowed Huckleberry to live at Sheridan Park where he will be very much loved and free from the itches!

We are very excited to welcome Hucleberry into our family and all of us are looking forward to the many adventures in the future!

Thankyou Dixie and Matt!

Update 26th August 2007

The past couple of days we have finally been able to get to know each other out and about on the farm.  Huckleberry is an absolute delight to ride, no fuss and no attitude.  Just a willingness to please and an eagerness to have fun!  And have fun we did!

We have started to shear our sheep, so we had to muster some sheep for the next days work.  Once Huckleberry worked out we were allowed to chase these weird creatures it was ears forward and lets head them off!!

By the end of the ride his turns were light and he was quick to pick up on what made me happy.  There was no wanting to take off or over excitement, just a joy to be doing something fun and different!

Im going to have to start telling some little white lies to my girls as to how hard he is to ride so I get to keep him for a bit longer as my riding horse, lol!!  Dont tell!