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Sheridan Park Faridah

Bubby in 2008

Once again, not wanting to spoil my excellent reputation for unwashed and prepared horses, Bubby is shown au naturel.  Complete with mane knots, half an unbrushed winter coat and not a sckerrick of makeup.  Personnally i dont think it matters.  What you see is an unstressed horse happy to show off whenever we ask!

Bubby is pregnant to Amir and her due date is 14th of November 2008.

To those that commented on a forum that this operation was only performed to give Bubby a dished face,  you're too ignorant for words.  I think i would have rathered spare myself the anguish and heartbreak and bought a horse with the big amount of money spent saving her life, because it was my responsibility as her breeder!

Bubby has more than repaid me for anything i have done for her with her beautiful filly and future foals plus her total joi' d'vie.


Bubby the very proud mum of Faanya by Amir. 2007


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Bubby is a very unique filly.  She was born with wry nose which means her two top teeth and upper muzzle was at a 90 degree angle to what it should have been thus creating many problems with feeding and breathing.

pc K Sheridan

She was born on the 24th of September 2002 at 10pm.  She was an amazing filly right from the start with an incredible will to survive.  She was attempting to get up even before she was out of mum!  Within half an hour she was standing.  I rang the vet as soon as it was apparent that all was not well, then we rang Goulborn Valley Equine Hospital and spoke to Jim Vasey.  I was very lucky to have such a talented and experienced vet within driving distance (7 hours).  As soon as i knew that she would still be able to be ridden and also be able to breed a huge load shifted off my shoulders and the decision to go ahead with surgery was made for four weeks time.

In the meantime as she couldnt nurse i had to be surragate mum and milk Falame so she could slurp it up.  Bubby was quite ingenious actually and found a way to get mums milk going so she could at least get some of it when she wanted.  Falame was so quiet and brilliant considering the intensive handling Bubby had to have.

At four weeks of age, we took Falame and Bubby over to GVEH for her operation.  It was explained to me that even after an hour and half of surgery she may have to be put down if it doesnt all match up again.  They had to break all her top jaw and try and realign everything and open up her other nostril.  All in all it was a 7 hour operation involving a team of five vets.  I finally got the call at 9.30pm that all had gone well and they were very happy.

The next day i went to see them on my way home.  Well this was the only time i regretted doing the operation.  She was so swollen and sore, her normal bubbly bright self just looked at me with really sad eyes and hung her head.  She was still drinking though and was able to breathe through a tracheostomy.  This tiny little arab foal had won everyone over though with her amazing spirit and wasnt shy in saying when she was not happy with them!   A week passed by and all the reports were good so i made the long trek back to pick them both up.

Unfortunately Bubby was still not able to suckle so i continued to hand feed her, when she got a bit older i replaced the wombaroo milk with a lamb replacer milk, much cheaper and she did just as well on it.

pc K Sheridan

She has grown into a delightful stunning filly, very much my baby still.  Her movement is breath taking as is her delicately chiselled head and captivating eyes.  She has been bred to Amir as a three year old and her foal is eagerly awaited in December.

Bubby has beautiful world class bloodlines including, Imperial Al Kamar, El Hilal, Arabian Park Faraz, Arim, Ansata Ibn Halima, Ivan, and Fire Trix.

She now has her own website dedicated to her early development and details all that was done to her and the recovery after her operation.



pc Liz C

Bubby with her beautiful filly, a very proud mum!