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Sabtah A Serenade



 RIP SARA 1/7/12


 Goodbye dear sweet Sara (Sabtah A Serenade). We were so blessed to have you in our lives.

You were the mare that fired the dream, my special birthday pressie to myself.

You took us on an incredible journey and gave us 2 beautiful daughters against all odds.

You were the sweetest and kindest mare i have ever known, babysitter of humans and baby equines, the fastest horse i have ever ridden, tears streaming yet still not fully opened up!

I will miss you each and every day, yet rejoice in having had such an incredible arabian mare in my life for so long. RIP dear sweet girl xxxxxxxxx



Video taken in 2007 by Kelli Greene





Sheridan Park Viktoria (TR Viktor)                                                               Sheridan Park Symphony (Abraxas Amir)





Sara is SCID clear.

Photos taken January 2008 by Amber Sheridan (11yo)




AS beautiful on the inside, as she looks on the outside!


taken Feb 2007


http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sabtah+a+serenade  Allbreeds Pedigree

http://ahsadata.com/studbook/pedigree.cfm?ahsid=28935 AHSA site


Serenade was born at Sabtah in 1992.  She was a successful show filly at many A grade shows in Queensland before her sale to SA as a late yearling.  Sara garnered many more supremes here in SA before being bought by Sheridan Park as a show and riding mare.

PC Pat Slater as a yearling


Serenade has proven to be a true lady.  She is gentle, quiet, beautiful to ride and so pleasant to be around.  She has been my 9 yo childs faithful riding mare for many pursuits around the farm and pony clubs.

pc Sharon Meyers

Serenade is proving to be an exceptional broodmare producing an outstanding daughter via frozen semen.  Viktoria can be seen on the mares page. 


Her bloodlines are the beautiful Gainey, Bostocks, and Egyptian cross with many beauties in her pedigree.  Her sire is Simeon Seren, sired by Simeon Shai (Exp USA) out of the beautiful german mare Fayrooz (Imp Ger).  Her dam is the lovely white mare Staunton Karamish, faithful partner to Seren for many years.  Karamish is by the well performed Gainey stallion Gai General (Imp USA), who's impact as a sire in Australia is indisputable.  Karamish's dam is the crabbet beauty Scimitar Mantilla.

pc Peter Brookman

Serenade unfortunately lost her colt foal by Amir when he was born prematurely, she now has a set of shoes on and we are looking forward to many adventures under saddle for the rest of this season.  She will be rebred early 2007 season to Amir, as the lost foal was an exceptional replica of herself.

pc Liz C

Serenade has now been snaffled by my eldest daughter Kaitelyn to ride.  I must say Sara is enjoying her rides just as much as Kaitelyn is enjoying riding her too!

The following photos were taken early Feb 2007 as part of our stud video shoot.  Sara has been feeling wonderful of late and usually a reserved mare walking way at the back when others are galloping, she has been up there at the front tossing her mane to the wind! 

 I am thrilled to share with you glimpses of what i am lucky enough to see every day.  I love my Sara.........


And she loves us!

Shown here with 9 yo Amber, I think it was a case of 'Catch me Amber, I'm puffed!'