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Retired Purebred Mares

Taywoona Rose of Falee

Falee is now 27yo and heading into 28yo!

She is and has been an incredible foundation mare for our stud.

We are incredibly lucky to be able to appreciate her influence, while she is still alive.

How many sell on a mare and then regret if after the progeny are excelling in all fields!

Falee's influence has been through her daughter SPE Falame, her granddaughters SP Faridah and SP Felena and now through her great grand daughter SP Faanya.

The future is exciting with Faanya and Felena now under saddle and they are proving brilliant as well as very sensible! 






SP Faaridah has bred us 3 incredible foals before the decision to retire her was made.

She retains placenta and after one lot not being able to be removed until day 5 and the last at day 2 i cannot put her under so much pain.

In giving us SP Faanya alone she has cemented her place in our studs history but i believe her 2 colts/geldings will shine in many fields for their future owners.







Sabtah A Serenade was my birthday pressie to myself.

She is the most gentle and ladylike of mares i have ever known!

I fell in love with her as a 2yo and couldnt believe it when she finally came home with me.

She was the kindest riding mare ive known, and the FASTEST!

We have had many adventures together and have beaten the odds with breeding problems, 2 live fillies is her legacy to us!

Serenade is always safe with brand new riders or youngsters needing a sensible quiet horse to be paddocked with.  She even lets weaned youngsters attempt to feed from her!!








 Sarida (Simeon Sadik x Simeon Shirah)

Sold to Chris and Tegan Magrin SA


The stud is represented by

 Sheridan Park Sarina retained as a future broodmare



Sheridan Park Egyptian Falame




Falame was a dream mare!  We were partner to many disciplines and nothing will ever replace her although her daughter SP Felena is coming close.  She was admired by all people, and was very competitive against all breeds.  She gave us 2 beautiful daughters to continue her legacy.  Her beauty and spirit passed on.











Saarby came into our lives just after Amir was imported and she has been the best broodmare ever.

She gave us stunning geldings, with plenty of height, personality and have gone onto proving themselves very reliable family riding horses!

Her last foal was a stunning filly, but it wasnt meant to be when a paddock accident ended her life, she was incredible which is always the way.  Saarby is such a sweet mare, beautiful conformation and temperament, i wish we could have 10 of her...