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Welsh A for sale


Llangollen Top Hat x Llangollen Chit Chat

BORN 2016

This gorgeous man was already on his dam when i bought her.

They came to Sheridan Park after his dam was bred to Imperial Golden Bee.

He is full of personality and always first up, incredibly easy to handle and so much potential as a show hunter ridden prospect.  He will do really well in the gelding ring as well and he wont care whats happening as long as he is with you, that is all that will matter to him!!

He needs to find his new home asap as i dont have room to run him on and am still downsizing!!

His asking price of $800 doesnt even cover costs of registering, gelding, training and feeding him!!

Mature approx 12hh


Imperial Golden Bee x Llangollen Chit Chat

Born 2017

Born palomino and is now grey.

This colt is superb in all ways!!

His head is so pretty with huge eye, everything is just so even and well put together!

He is a massive mover and is rather a show off!

He will win many many supremes in the right hands.

His sire is full brother to Woranoras Imperial Behold, and i was incredibly taken with him after visiting Golden Bee in Tassie and couldnt wait to breed to him!

His dam has some of the UK and Llangollens best bloodlines so he is bred to breed on!

I dont have room to run him on so hence the very incredible price of $1500!!  Still setting up my property so dont have enough facilities yet!!