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Amirs Pedigree


You dont see so many greats of Egyptian breeding this close in pedigrees nowadays!

He is sired by

ET Crown Prince

(The Egyptian Prince x RDM Maar Hala)

"I want you to know he was SO SPECIAL!! I could do anything with him. If it had not been for Prince we would not have a program today. He laid the foundation. His personality was human, he would see me and start to whinny, he would follow me, he just was human. I could breed him and then saddle him up and go for a ride. 

Debra Nowack, Abraxas Arabians (2005)

ET Crown Prince's son Ra'adin Royal Star (Imp USA) was the only line in Australia previously.  He was only here for a short time but what an impact he has had in Australia and the world.  His most famous son being Simeon Shai (Exp USA). 

World Champion, Canadian Champion, US National Champion.  All in one year!

Out of only 37 purebred foals the likes of Simeon Sheba, Simeon Sous, Mashuga, Windsor Park Royal Star, Ibn Bataara, Simeon Sucie and Sorella Royal Astra were born.


AH Abraxas

(El Hilal x Royal Gemm)

"AH Abraxas "Abbie" was absolutely an incredible mare. A mare that for me as a breeder of MANY horses there will always be a few that will never leave my heart. To let you know how special she was.. Here  we go. Halamaa had a colt by Moonstruk and did not have enough milk for her first baby. He was 10 days old and trying to get Halamaa's milk to come in , was a challenge.. we tried beer we tried special herbs, I did a milk dance, you name it we tried!!! I was exhausted and Halamaa had enough with me and the whole milk thing.

 Abbie had Amir on her side who was a bit over 4 months old. Dr McNeel our vet said this was enough.. WE both looked at Abbie with an udder as full as a cow.. in fact I had milked her to use some of her milk for the colt. We both said she will either LOVE him or KILL him. I took a 10 day old colt in the stall with her.. he was starving to nurse.. she took one look at him and let him drink until he passed out -- literally and slept for over an hour with a tummy that was bulging. I took Amir and weaned him in the pen next door where he could nuzzle mom but No more nursing... he was fine with this.. And Abbie raised Halamaa's colt.
 How many mares will take another mares foal that is 10 days old??????????? Only Abbie..
After Amir.. I did an ET with Abbie and got ET Crown Prince's last foal.. National Top Ten Sport Horse Mare-- Abraxas Crown Gemm. It does not get better than this!!
To" Abbie " who was LOVED every minute we had her.. Thank you for your beautiful "kids"!!"
Debbra Nowack (2005)

The Egyptian Prince

(Morafic x Bint Mona)

"Pure elegance and smoothness in silhouette, pure elegance in character.  Easy going, easy to handle.  Saw him with a 5yo child at the leadshank, no problem at all, easy to ride.  Every one who was in touch with him was 'touched' by him and loved this horse.  His heart was bigger than he was.  One of his first owners saw him again five years after he sold him.  this horse recognised him after all these years and showed him his affection."

Sus.  (2004) accessed 29/9/05 www.straightegyptians.com


RDM Maar Hala

(El Hilal x Maar Jumuna)

What an amazing mare!

"In the 25 years with the Cruz family, Maar Hala had given them immeasurable joy, while founding a dynasty of Straight Egyptian Champions known for their dreamy beauty, charisma and motion."

For more information on RDM Maar Hala and her incredible breeding career visit the link below.

http://www.ranchobulakenyo.com/tribute/FC.shtml Accessed 29/9/05


El Hilal  

(Ansata Ibn Halima x Bint Nefisaa)

Johnny Johnson photo

El Hilal means The New Moon.

El Hilal foaled in 1966 at Gleannloch Farm.

It is fair to say he took the show world by storm, producing a massive amount of elite show champions and performance horses.

"El Hilal had a certain dignity about him, evident in the way he comports himself." 

 Ron Palelek AHW September 1985

"Even at 19 he is a ridiculous showoff.  He just has a ball every time you take him out of his stall.  He outs his tail over his back and carries on."

Joyce Palelek AHW September 1985

"The legacy that El Hilal will leave to the breed is found in the correctness, capability, beauty and genetic consistency with which he endows his offspring." 

AHW September 1985


Royal Gemm

( Mohssen x Hekmat)


While there is not a lot of information available on this mare I have managed to obtain a video which shows her to be a beautiful fleabitten grey mare.  She has wonderful bone and substance and moves beautifully.